• Hima Mal: Guiding Students Through Self Discovery & Beyond
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    Hima Mal: Guiding Students Through Self Discovery & Beyond

    Most of the students feel lost in the vast ocean of career possibilities. The burning question, ‘What is my purpose?’ lingers, often unanswered, leading to years of frustrated searching, uncertainty, and wrong choices. What if there is an expert guiding hand to help you discover a career path that aligns with your authentic self? Making you identify and achieve your dreams is the vision behind Ikigaii Education Services founded by Hima Mal. Ikigaii empowers individuals with comprehensive services like profile building, career counseling, admission guidance, and test preparation. Highlighting the company’s and Hima Mal’s competency, Sanya Sharma of St. Thomas, Delhi shared, “The team at Ikigaii is simply outstanding. Their dedication, support, and expertise were unwavering,...


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