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  • 10 Most Promising Pre-School & Daycare Centers In Bangalore - 2019

    In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, majority of parents opt to work, regardless the age of their children. Most of families work out of necessity because the economic climate demands the necessity to have two bread winners in order to meet the day-to-day expenses. Parents may face the danger of losing a job or missing a promotion because of pregnancy, or taking care of loved ones and illness. On the other hand, single parents cannot make to take care of their young ones while holding down their jobs at the same time. Since so many companies focus solely on the bottom line, it leaves too many parents having to look toward daycare for a solution to their problem. Today, Daycare & Preschools are regarded as a quality learning centers for children that offer long-lasting...

10 Most Promising Pre-School & Daycare Centers In Bangalore - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Alphabet Academy Alphabet Academy Juhi Hyder, Director An institution nurturing young minds with quality early education combining Montessori and Kindergarten education culture to foster every child's all-round development
Azalea Kids Azalea Kids Sowmya Kumkum, Founder A pre-school nestled in a residential community with open areas, offering montessori programs, after school care, infant care, toddler care in a very homely environment that instills the fun and joy for learning
Bright Kid Montessori House Bright Kid Montessori House Susmita Sanyal, Founder Building children using scientific Montessori methodology, blended with modern multimedia and conventional methods of classroom teaching in its pre-school & daycare
Butterfly Montessori Butterfly Montessori Dr. Sapna S, Founder & Director A unique self learning space offering enormous workshop for sensorial teaching methods and multi linguistic training under a stimulating environment
Childhood Cuddle & Care Childhood Cuddle & Care Azher Khan & Samreen Khan, Directors A pre-school ventured to provide a quality, safe and nurturing space to little ones through its pre-school, daycare, after school and infant care facility
Chilli Pilli Makkala Koota Chilli Pilli Makkala Koota Suhas Kulhalli, Founder A unique pre schooling foundation based on multi lingual pedagogy, implanting phonetics methodology for a better grip of regional to English languages
Discover Montessori Discover Montessori Sumathi Ravindranath, Founder An ideal pre-school following Montessori education culture, aimed to provide a space for learning, instilled with fun and joy
FloMont World School FloMont World School Shahista Ismail, Founder & Director Offering a learning space for the Pre-schoolers nurtured by trained professionals under structured Montessori curriculum to inculcate emotional factor in the regime of development milestone
I Wonder Y, Preschool And Daycare I Wonder Y, Preschool And Daycare Riddhi Thakkar, Founder & Director A home away from home for the little wonders where they can play, bond with their peers, explore, share and have a very strong foundation for academic learning, beyond the boundaries of mundane desks and chair approach
KLAY KLAY Priya Krishnan, CEO Laying a solid foundation for academic & social development, instilling them with independent learning, creative thinking and excellent communication skills