FloMont World School: An IMS Accredited Montessori School Providing an Alternative Space for Mindful Learning

According to statistics, by 2022, humans will perform only 58 percent of the total task across industries, where design thinking, data science and innovation will rule every sector. Thus, instead of mechanized human products, it’s time for the education industry to focus on developing skill-based learning platforms with a concious transition from the IQ to EQ enhancement systems. Children should not only acquire knowledge, but develop the skills required to apply, assimilate and adapt to changing times.
Shahista Ismail,  Founder & Director
Contributing to the novel concept of grooming the child’s mind, FloMont World School (FWS) provides a learning space specialized in the Montessori pedagogy – a proven method to promote the child’s thinking skills, and most importantly, the Emotional Quotient (EQ). Apart from academics, FloMont aims to develop life skills like time management, decision making and problem solving in children, as early as threeyears of age, as a part of their scientifically designed and child centric curriculum. “We provide affordable and meaningful education, with authentic and proven Montessori teaching techniques, where children as young as five can solve a four digit equation, work on algebra, conduct experiments, write articles, as well as manage time, make decisions, indulge in higher order thinking skills, and resolve their own conflicts” says Shahista Ismail, Founder & Director, FWS.

The childcentric method of the Montessori school is a dynamic triad, which demands deep understanding and mindfulness from the guide, who in turn influences the environment and the child. Many pre schools in India present a wonderful environment, but fail to provide appropriate human elements to complement the setup. FloMont has its own internationally accredited Montessori teacher training center, where every year, among the count of forty, those who top the class are recruited to teach and nurture the young minds at school.

Structured Montessori Setup
An essential part of the Montessori philosophy is to ‘follow the child’, to ensure that learning becomes more meaningful and relevant. Likewise, the curriculum at FloMont is mindfully structured to allow spontaneity in learning, channels for creativity, as well as incorporation of the child’s interest to ensure that he/she does not only find joy in
discovering knowledge, but ‘experiences learning’ effectively. The programs include an infant program (NIDO), Pre CASA and CASA program for an age group starting from eighteen months to six years. The school also accommodates older children for their Elementary Montessori Program.

Activities geared towards the emotional and social development of a child, through Grace and Courtesy exercises are introduced as early as two years. At FloMont, the children are not only taught to use the functional language associated with Montessori, but also taught to communicate, share and collaborate to understand life skills of working together in groups within a social ecosystem. The ‘Peace rose’ is one such beautiful lesson, introduced and practiced from the beginning of the academic year, where the children learn to appreciate each other’s feelings and resolve their conflicts through a well-designed dialogue, based on expression and resolution of feelings.

The curriculum at FloMont is mindfully structured to allow spontaneity in learning, creativity as well as incorporation of the child’s interest

Apart from learning programs, FloMont hosts quite a few enrichment programs as a part of the school’s offerings. This is a children’s factory room for the children to learn to have real time experience of manufacturing and creativity. The program engages them in activities like making best out of waste, tie & dye and other art forms such as newspaper weaving, clay studio and many others.

Bearing Goodwill from the Parent Peers
The school is founded on the concept of meaningful alternate education, that strikes a balance between academic acquisition and life skill training. As this approach is different from education offered in regular schools, parents need to be educated and informed about the way FloMont functions. Therefore, an integral part of the school is to conduct free workshops for parents to educate them in the Montessori Method and on parenting skills. The ‘Montessori glass house’ conducted every year gives parents the opportunity to watch their children display their understanding of academic concepts, as well as their confidence in relating and presenting their knowledge to a crowd. Parents at FloMont are considered equal partners in the early education of their child. Hence, the school creates opportunities for parental involvement through class observations and ‘parent volunteers’ for various activities.

Shahista says, “As a school, we believe in creating goodwill and relationships of mutual trust and understanding among our parent community, which has been the primary reason for our growth. Our biggest success is that our parents are our brand ambassadors, whose word of mouth leads to promotion for the school in the general community and on social media platforms. This for me is a true testament to our efforts and hard work”. This International Montessori Society(IMS, US) affiliated school is about to expand into a two acre campus by 2020 with a 40,000 sq.ft. outdoor play area exclusively for the children.

“We are truly excited about the new campus, as it will encompass everything that we hope to accomplish to set international standards of learning for our children. The new campus will also be a success story to the fact that Montessori education can be taken into the Elementary years of a child’s life, with a continuity into middle and high school learning,” exclaims Shahista.