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    India is projected to become home to the largest student population in the world by 2025. This indicates an indefinite potential for facilitating and enrolling such a high number of youths into higher education. to take advantage of this demographic dividend, the government of India has already laid plans to push the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) upward from 23.6 percent (as per the 2014-2015 Provisional Report of the All India Survey on Higher Education, AISHE). On the flipside, a considerable rise of private institutes in the country has reached up to 60 percent of the educational institutes in the country, allowing students to access more academic options. Quality of education has been a prominent aspect of many of these institutes, which focus on various aspects such as...

College of the Year- 2016

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Asian Law College Asian Law College Kritika Malhotra, HOD “The emphasis of ALC is more on innovative and interactive teaching pedagogy. The pragmatic learning in every course allows students to focus more on affective are as in addition to their cognitive development.