International School of The Year -2021

Not very long ago, school education was limited mainly to classrooms,books, black boards and written exams. Teaching in school classrooms was predominantly a one- way communication route, rote learning was considered the best way for students to internalize what they learnt and having a great memory was key to doing well in the exams. Teachers and students were content with a learning system that was largely unidimensional, unilingual or at the most bilingual and stunted with multiple cultural barriers.

A radical shift in education happened with the advent of globalization. Phenomenal advancement of technology led to a dynamic compression of space and time that brought nations, cultures and economies across the world closer to one another. This change in the global cultural ethos had a huge impact on human interaction, understanding, thought exchange, business paradigms and international job opportunities that eventually led to the liberalization of education. The practice of teaching international curriculum in schools started in the latter half of the twentieth century to bridge the gaps in education as a result of globalization.

An Indian student studying in the best IGCSE school in Sector 56 Gurgaon can consume information from resources of both Indian and UK origin. His/her knowledge base will be richer than any student from local boards. Such diversity not only opens up multiple career opportunities, but students from such schools tend to lead a better quality of life due to access to many perspectives. Numerous resources can give the student multiple ideas which can transform into something life changing.

Today, India ranks second in the number of international schools with China following behind. The most prevalent programme is Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), followed by IB. However, Delhi NCR does not form a significant percentage of these 700 schools.

We here at siliconindia Education, bring you the select few that have remarkably changing the face of education in India and taking the firm to Global stage.