University of Calicut: Enlightening the Future

Dr.K. Mohammed Basheer ,Vice Chancellor's

Dr.K. Mohammed Basheer

Vice Chancellor's

Kerala based University of Calicut is an affiliating university located in Thenjipalam in Malappuram district, where its main campus has departments in the science and humanities subject. Pareeksha Bhavan, the branch of the university
that oversees the conduct of examinations in over 250 affiliated colleges, and which awards degrees, is the largest wing of the university. The branch has been in the news for expert accomplishments of the tasks entrusted. The university has emerged as the largest residential cum affiliating university in Kerala. Established in 1968, the university has a strong faculty in MBA, Physics, Zoology, Chemistry, Botany, History, Malayalam, English and Physical Education. Its unique IT Mission Programme offers Diploma in Computer Application, Certificate Programme in Data Entry amongst many domain specific subjects. Located at a 500 acre campus, the university houses numerous engineering colleges, arts& science colleges, law colleges and liberal arts colleges.

The University library was established in 1971 and later named after C.H. Mohammed Koya where its primary concern was with respect to conservation and dissemination of knowledge to students and faculty. It has a collection of about 95,000 books, and subscribes to 218 journals and 10 newspapers. Going beyond the conventional norms of education, the University also offers Marxian Studies and Research, scientific study and research in Christian Theology and Philosophy, Maritime research and history and many more.