The Hope: Shaping Every Aspirant's Career

Jeevan Reddy,Founder & Chairman

Jeevan Reddy

Founder & Chairman

Statistics infer that globally 1.4 million students are moving to Europe every year to avail quality education from thousands of world class universities and research institutes at marginal education cost. Thus, wide range of costfree specialized courses and extended stay period for the doctoral candidates attract ambitious Indians to target these institutions to pursue their higher studies. THE HOPE is among the few education consultants in India who counsel students aspiring to study abroad, especially in European countries, to make informed choices with a human touch.

As many students target the top universities abroad, they spend years in perfecting their grades and listing columns of extracurricular activities to their CV. They barely realize the shortcomings of the prescribed methods and require professional hand-holding to reach their goals. Challenges like career gaps, improper documentation, and incorrect information are efficiently handled by THE HOPE, resolving all such problems by producing proper rationale to the embassy members or the University Counselors via emails. Jeevan Reddy Ganta, Founder & Chairman, THE HOPE, states, “We try to understand the student’s need and provide them with free education with assured scholarships to the QS world ranking Universities of Europe. We have direct tie-ups with several ancient European universities. We additionally offer post landing services which includes accommodation, insurance and more”.

An Ideal Mentor
A highly professional and dedicated firm, THE HOPE was established in 2000 in Hyderabad by Jeevan to serve aspirants reap the fruit of success and become leaders in today’s competitive era. Today, the firm is a proud member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, European Association for International Education(EAIE), International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF), Federation of Foreign Education Consultants in India (FFEC) and the Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IICCI).

We try to understand the student’s need and provide them with free education with assured scholarships to the QS world ranking Universities of Europe

Living in the era of information technology and user-friendly interventions, students have access to all sorts of information, creating a stubborn mind-map of wrong interpretations, often difficult to curb. THE HOPE conditions each student to get back their self-esteem, so that they can never back-down to any situations by developing a support network and implementing every alternative to reach their zenith of success. Among the many steps taken to do so, one is Success Meet, where successful alumni come to counsel the newbies in terms of food habits, climate, cultural know how, essentials to carry and others about the visiting countries. This helps parents and aspirants breathe a shy of relief.

Going Forward
Having won the Education In Excellence Award - 2017 from Prakash Javadekar, Central Union & HRD Minister at Delhi and many other State Government Recognitions, THE HOPE today serves aspirants from across India through its 14 branches and helps them migrate majorly to European countries apart from US, Australia, and Canada. To ensure services offered at each center are at par, it leverages CRM technology and parallelly conducts manual edits. Its compounded effort reflects on the statistics where 25 percent more students are enrolling every year and 690 students moved to Europe with assured €69,35,999 scholarship this year alone.

THE HOPE has expanded its wing of services and now accepts applications of permanent residence. This non-profit organization that runs with a motto to help financially poor students who want to go abroad, is all set to send 5000 such students from India to top-notch European universities. “Being career focused is good, but choosing the destination that fits the pocket is equally important. Hence, we always suggest choosing your destination that will set your destiny,” concludes Jeevan.