Rus Education: Offering Education beyond Boundaries

(Air Marshal) Dr. Pawan Kapoor, Vice-ChairmanIn addition to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and quality medical education,Russian medical universities are also known for being very affordable. Due to limited seats and scarcity of opportunity in India, there has been a significant rise in the number of Indian students travelling to study medicine in Russia. Pursuing MBBS abroad, however, is a big decision which needs proper guidance, ignoring which can lead to a premature end of an individual’s dreams. Rus Education, a New Delhi based overseas education consultancy firm, with its personalized approach provides the necessary guidance to the students and helps them to fulfil their aspirations.

The Dedicated Services
Rus Education offers an array of services, which includes MBBS, Engineering, Aviation in Russia, and Russian Language and Management. However, the segment at which the firm excels is MBBS education in Russia. The firm provides free counselling, choices & suggestion of the university, documentation assistance, travel assistance, foreign exchange and more for the students. Alongside, it also ensures that the fee is affordable and the selected university is recognized by the Medical Council of India, which helps the candidates later getting into the Indian healthcare delivery system without any hassle.

Rus Education believes in providing comprehensive details and information about education pattern and quality of education at the Top Medical Universities in Russia in an
objective and transparent manner. “We have a vision wherein we want to turn the dream of every aspiring student into reality-based upon his/her needs. We try to reach out to the aspiring students and provide them with detailed information and create awareness about the education opportunities available in various technical specialities and MBBS in Russia,”states(Air Marshal)Dr.Pawan Kapoor, ViceChairman, Rus Education.

Rus Education believes in providing comprehensive details and information about education pattern and quality of education at the Top Medical Universities in Russia

Being a sole agency officially authorized by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, Rus Education offers MCI Screening test i.e. FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination)coaching facilities to the students at its associated Universities in Russia. The firm has tied-up with several institutions in Russia, including Orenburg State Medical University, Perm State Medical University, Tver State Medical University, OMSK State Medical University, Kuban State Medical University, Mari State Medical University and more, where the counselled students get priority over all other students based upon the fulfilment of the laid down eligibility criteria. With such strong tie-ups, Rus Education also helps clients with an affordable as well as flexible payment plans.

More than just a Counsellor
Apart from admission & counselling, Rus Education offers handholding to the students at every step during their academic tenure and helps them with securing internships & placements in various medical institutions. Every year, more than 12000+ students appear for FMGE examination to get a license to practice medicine in India, but the passing percentage seldom goes beyond 25 percent. Rus Education, as a part of its services endeavours, holds the hands of the students and facilitates them in getting access to good coaching facilities with a view to improve the passing percentage of its students in the FMGE and subsequently in the newly proposed NEXT(National Exit Test). Alongside, to provide local clinical experience to the students, the firm has tied-up with Max Group of Hospital, which is one of the prestigious names in the medical industry for providing observership facilities to their students.

With such dedicated services, Rus Education is planning to expand its horizon by collaborating with more universities abroad.The larger vision is to bring back the trained doctors into the country, thus bridging the healthcare resource gap in India and in its own way contribute to the Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of an Ayushman Bharat.