Uniabroad: Launching Lucrative Careers Overseas

 Vikas Murulidhara,  DirectorFor years, the allure of a foreign land has been urging Indians to leave the comfort of their home land to move to far away countries. While earlier, moving to another country for the purpose of work or education was a rather difficult process, things have become much simpler with time. According to an analysis by India Spend based on data from the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs, the number of Indians moving abroad saw a 143 percent spike between 1990-2017. With an estimated 17 million Indians living abroad by 2017, India today is the largest source country for international migrants globally.

Given the better quality of education, flexible education system and better career opportunities, the number of students studying abroad has also witnessed a massive growth over the years. In fact, the Ministry of External Affairs disclosed that over 7,52,725 Indian students were studying abroad across 90 countries. Although the number of students aspiring to move abroad has been growing, it does not take away from the fact that the entire process of zeroing in on a country, applying to the right courses & universities, completing the documentation and moving overseas is a daunting and complex process.

Helping students make the international move with less hassle is UNIABROAD, a globally recognized overseas education consultancy. Run by a team of abroad graduates with vast experience in the field, the company assists students in every step of the admission process and beyond. “We have experienced that studying abroad provides individuals with various advantages such as personal growth, improving professional skills, networking, experiencing new cultures, and abundant career opportunities. As a team of abroad graduates, we assist our cohort group to gain maximum benefits of studying abroad. We share our experience and guide the students throughout their academic year,” explains Vikas Murulidhara, Director, UNIABROAD.

Founded in 2018, the young firm aims at helping students convert their dreams into plans and plans into actions by rendering assistance through consultation, counselling, admission assistance, visa application assistance, information about accommodations, FOREX, Indian & International scholarship, and pre & post departure assistance. The Mysuru headquartered organization has built strong ties with multiple universities across the globe, and has been certified by UNIAGENTS, Think New New Zealand, WEBA World and Start Up India. Leveraging these tie-ups, UNIABROAD has achieved a high success rate in admissions and visa applications, and has aided students to choose their preferred courses from over 1500+ universities from across 35 countries.

Together In Every Step of the Way
In order to build successful career opportunities abroad, making the right choices plays a critical role. But with hundreds of countries, universities and courses to pick from, making the right decision can be a daunting task. Armed with a team of highly qualified career counselors and field experts, UNIABROAD is well equipped to provide students with the right guidance to choose the correct career path based on academic achievements, qualifications and talents. The key often lies in first understanding the student’s aspirations and needs. “At UNIABROAD, we learn student’s goals & ambitions and try to find universities which suit their academic and career requirements,” adds Vikas. The UNIABROAD team arms its clients with every information a student must know whilst residing abroad, be it culture, travel, accommodation, or job hunting process.

The process begins with first helping students shortlist the country that they would want to move to. Team UNIABROAD explains the various benefits of studying in different countries, and once the countries are shortlisted, students are then assisted in university and course selection. A one stop solution to all course selection dilemmas, the UNIABROAD’s team of professional career counselors always stay up-to-date with the latest job prospect information, trending jobs in different countries, and other details which are essential in helping aspirants make the correct choice. These counselors suggest courses which are suitable according to the academic achievements and qualifications of the students and match their potential and talents.

Further, the team assists students throughout the application process, which forms one of the most important steps in moving abroad. Even minor errors in the application forms may result in failure to successfully apply or register for the course. Hence, UNIABROAD provides aspirants a detailed guideline on filing the application forms, drafting the statement of purpose efficiently and even the Letter of Recommendation which needs to be submitted to get approval for admission into the college/university.

Students often encounter difficulty owing to short application deadlines, since arranging for documents within the short time frame is quiet challenging sometimes. This can delay student’s application for the targeted intake. Therefore, UNIABROAD begins its counselling by explaining about the document checklist. “If the students have couple of due documents, we start the application process so that the student at least gets a conditional offer letter at the university,” explains Vikas. The document checklist is built based on respective country, university and course.
Additionally, students receive complete guidance in writing personal statements and visa process, along with complete information about post visa process in the pre departure sessions. UNIABROAD continues to stay in touch with students and assists them in solving any issues related to their academics/ university as & when they arise. The firm also connects aspiring students with the current students, so that they can get a feedback from a student’s point of view.

Launching Careers
Although getting into a prestigious university abroad is a step ahead in terms of building a lucrative career, an individual must go through several other challenges to secure employment abroad. Keeping in mind the same, UNIABROAD has introduced several schemes to benefit students and enrich their credibility as a student and future candidates. One of them is ‘Career Launchpad’. An elite scheme which enables students to learn and gain employability skills, the program also briefs aspirants about the job hunting process in their study destinations.

UNIABROAD’s deep understanding of an aspiring student’s psyche has been a winning factor for the company

Aimed at powering an aspirant’s career trajectory, Career Launchpad includes eight steps that begin with career counseling session conducted by an experienced professional who will extract the interests of students and provide the guidelines of their chosen career path. The aspirant then receives guidelines about updating their job profiles according to the current trends.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, standing-out in the crowd is extremely important, and social media profiles are a unique avenue for doing so. UNIABROAD helps students build social media profiles that are formal, updated and professional. Another important aspect of landing a dream job is an aspirant’s CV that must be tailored upon understanding which qualities of an individual is important to a specific job vacancy. Every individual’s CV is reviewed to check if any further modifications are required.

Since an individual’s interpersonal and soft skills are also scrutinized while they are being interviewed, UNIABROAD’s Career Launchpad program includes a session of Corporate Etiquettes and soft skills. Additionally, students and candidates can make use of psychometric tests which cover numerical, verbal and logical reasoning, and help aspirants become well prepared before they face an actual test during their interviews.

The career boosting scheme also provides a Job Board, which is the right platform to find the list of companies that offer a work visa for international students who wish to work abroad. Along with these, an exclusive list of companies for part time jobs and companies offering internships are also provided to students. This one-of-a-kind program renders complete information of the immigration rules and regulations one has to comply with, whilst converting their student visa into work visa. With the entire base being covered thoroughly through these programs, UNIABROAD empowers students to discover different career options, enhance creative thinking, boost confidence, build credibility, gain awareness of foreign job process, and ultimately become employable.

"At UNIABROAD, we learn student’s goals & ambitions and try to find universities which suit their academic and career requirements"

Innovative Means to Benefit Students
Founded and run by young professionals who were students abroad, UNIABROAD’s deep understanding of an aspiring student’s psyche has been a winning factor for the company. Moving away from the norm of providing vanilla consultancy services, the firm has recently introduced free pre requisite coaching classes exclusively for its students, where they can deposit a fixed amount before the coaching starts and the complete amount deposited will be refunded after they receive their visa decision. This program is to assist students who rely on education loans and are not as financially sound.

The firm with a heart of gold has also recently introduced a scholarship scheme, where students can avail up to Rs.1,00,000 scholarship by submitting a statement that talks about their passion for studies and why they are in need of the scholarship. These applications are then reviewed by an exclusive team who are not in direct contact with students, so that the evaluation is carried-out fairly and the scholarship is rewarded to the right students.

Other than providing financial aids to students, UNIABROAD has also initiated a unique Student Ambassador Program which recruits talented and potential students to represent the company throughout the year. Aimed at enabling students study and work simultaneously, students are given the choice to either work part time, full time or for an internship. Their tasks mainly include participating in marketing events, digital marketing, university presentations, education fairs, exhibits and other voluntary events for UNIABROAD’s FOUNDATION. The program helps students inculcate a sense of responsibility towards work at a younger age.

With dedicated team members working tirelessly, UNIABROAD has launched branches in London, Mysore, Ahmednagar, Mukkom, Manjeri, Karur, Thirunelli, Trichy, Trivandrum, Solapur, Warangal and Pune that are completely functional. The firm is now gearing towards establishing fully functional offices in Coimbatore, Madurai, Namakkal, New Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many other countries across the globe in the years to come. Having set its eye on the horizon of success, UNIABROAD is marching ahead along with its clients.

Vikas Murulidhara, Director
Once a Data Analytics student in UK, Vikas came-up with the idea of UNIABROAD and is now certified by British Council. He is also certified by Education New Zealand as a trained agent and certified by Start Up India. Vikas is an inspirational young leader determined to revolutionize the Overseas Education industry.

Sagar K Mallu, General Manager
Graduated with MSc in Electronics and Communication Engineering from UK, Sagar has a keen interest in Marketing. With creative talent in the field, he is implementing differentstrategies to benefit students.

Lakshmi Aruna R, Operations Manager
Lakshmi graduated with MBA from UK, worked in Leicester City Council for ‘Invest in Leicester’ project during ECP, and as an Administrator at ASM, UK. From these experiences, she brings in diversified insights to enhance the management of the company.

Offices: Mysore, London, Mukkom, Manjeri, Solapur, Ahmednagar, Karur, Thirunelli, Trichy, Trivandrum, Warangal and Pune

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