Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology: Shape Students to be an Innovative and Responsible Citizen

Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra,ChancellorFor a student to be successful, he needs to have academic achievements and to inculcate social sensibilities and ethical-human values. Beside he should develop certain competencies to meet the requirements of the industry and client organizations.

Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology is a University that has adopted the Learning-Outcome- Based Curriculum Framework wherein the Programme Education Objectives are defined by involving stakeholders like Industry, Alumni, Parents, and Society. This is followed by relevant programme designing and innovative teaching methodology adopted by the faculty members. Project-Centric and case-study method of teaching bring application orientation; and they help in achieving high-order thinking skills. The university provides community outreach programs wherein students work on social projects and find solutions to problems faced by society, local Agri-based industries, and the MSME sector.

The University is equipped with excellent physical and academic infrastructure, a sound academic framework, a multicultural environment, and an open-end learning approach that makes it distinct from others. The beautiful green and serene campus at Meerut provide an ideal setting for academics; while a well-equipped library and state-of-the-art labs enable the students to excel in academic pursuits. Well-planned cafeteria and hangout places help students in peer learning and networking. In addition to that, the University is endowed with excellent sports facilities and a yoga center.

The university provides platforms for interaction with society and community to help students inculcate moral and spiritual values and develop social sensibilities. Intra-
and inter-institution sports events are an essential way of inculcating team skills. The university trains students to have a global outlook and local relevance at the same time. This feature helps it carry glocal ethos in its working.

Promoting Learning in Indian Traditions with an Inter-national Outlook
Inculcating entrepreneurial competency with social responsibility defines the overarching philosophy at Shob-hit University. The University already has one of the few TBIs (Technology and Business Incubators) in India funded by the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. To further this central philosophy, the university has established the first of its kind in India SEIZ (Skill Entrepreneurship and Innovation Zone) at its campus.

The SEIZ is making a significant impact on the teaching-learning process within the University by creating new opportunities for the local youth and the community. The SEIZ brings together community, policymakers, micro, small, medium, large industries, and people at the bottom of the pyramid to cocreate. Sustainability and a win-win situation for all those involved in this alliance have formed the unquestionable foundation for its success.

The projects offered by Technology and Business Incubator (TBI); internships; campus-based projects; com-munity projects; live projects based on issues faced by the local industry- all provide excellent opportunities for hands-on learning. At present, about 70 carefully selected projects are going on. Almost all of them have the potential of being turned into start-ups. Most importantly, these projects help attain higher-level learning outcomes leading to applied learning and creating something new. The unique SEIZ concept has created an environment wherein there is excitement, and it provides a fertile ground for innovations to breed.

Shobhit University has been practicing blended learning for a long time. It came in handy when they had to switch over to the online delivery of education due to lock-down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the time, the world has realized that blended learning provides excel-lent opportunities in terms of being able to use additional resources and teaching tools that enhance learning; and help attain higher-order learning outcomes. The students are also required to undertake MOOCs offered by leading Universities of the world and Indian MOOCs like SWAY-AM and NPTEL. This helps the university to offer courses that otherwise may be difficult to offer due to lack of local expertise. These courses also help in the inter- and trans-disciplinary orientation, which is vital for expanding the learning opportunities for students. Students are also offered the opportunity to obtain certification in Industry 4.0 technologies so that they can be industry-ready.

Shobhit University lays great emphasis on outside-the-classroom learning. In addition to the central philosophy of project-based learning, the students reach out to the community through activities like adult education, teaching the underprivileged, organizing awareness camps, and training farmers on various developments and social issues. This helps students understand the local setting well and how they can impact their lives by adopting global practices and the latest technologies of Industry 4.0.