UCST: Promotes Academic cum Professional Field(s) of study

Dr. S.S. Sawhney,DirectorThe conventional method of teaching and learning in Indian though educated students for centuries but somewhere lacked to accord them with scores of opportunities to prospect their critical abilities and instigate them to make some disruptive innovations. Fortunately, educational institutes realised apprehended the importance of ameliorating the educational pattern and bring about new approaches that introduced the young minds to potential leeway and motivate them to come up with bona fide and ground breaking innovations as well as researches.

UCST has been a front liner in venturing efforts to set up a space which empowers students with provisions that empowers them to keep abreast about the ever evolving expanse of science and technology. Established and administered by a group of scientists, academics and industrialists aficionados, the organization offers a bunch of constructive educational programs and facilities to students of graduate and post-graduate level. Along with academic course, UCST had made room for students to conduct innovative researches which makes it a perfect exemplar of an academia that propagates Academic cum Professional Field(s) of study for students who are constantly mentored and supervised by esteemed educationists, preceptors and academicians. The scholarly and adroit faculty of the institute spends decent
time with the each pupil in order to heedfully listen to their queries and needs and meet them thoroughly. In essence, in the past two decades UCST has been successful in enticing students to embrace cost-effective science, who are persistently endeavouring to make trailblazing innovation that benefits the lives in the ecosystem. "Our college is pedagogically and innovatively alive and have been doing humanity oriented innovations since the day of our inception. Our academic programs consist of PG & UG Programmes. The term of the programmes are decided considering the characteristics of the syllabus. So the academic programmes are available in two, four or eight semester programmes. We treat each student with utmost care and support with the view to measure up their educational exigencies," narrates Dr S.S. Sawhney, Director, UCST.

Dr. KAMAL SAWHNEY, Managing Director

To make the campus an ideal place for its pupil, UCST made arrangements for sound Infrastructure in line with the University syllabi, new-fangled laboratories furnished with defined instrumentation & computer laboratories, kept the premises equipped with convenient and secure Wi-Fi connectivity, hostel facilities for boys & girls at affordable charges and many other favourable amenities.

Over the years, UCTS has developed many scientific theories and innovation. It has to its name more than 90 research publications in national and international journals. Its contributions and excellence has earned it acute recognitions and awards. The educational & scientific remark ability and the unique academic offerings have incited many young aspiring minds to be a part of this unique organization. "We have involved ourselves in developing how radioisotope is stabilized and neutralised under principles of De-radioactivity. And this concept is has been practically applied in neutralizing the somatic and genetic effects of radioisotopes. The work is on progress at the campus in the development of MASK AND SPRAY which may be the assets for India in the eventuality of nuclear attack on Indian soil by the nuclear nations," he states.