Sathyabama: Celebrates the Discipline, Pride and Joy of Learning

Colonel Dr. JEPPIAAR,Founder & Chancellor

Colonel Dr. JEPPIAAR

Founder & Chancellor

Pragmatic and ingenious educational thinkers of the nation have been working towards ameliorating the level of the Indian Education System. Their perceivable contributions have significantly raised the teaching-learning mannerism, resulting in consequential shift in the paradigm of conferring and receiving wisdom. Such a homogeneous objective and determination of elevating the standards of the country's technical education encouraged a visionary cognoscente, Colonel Dr. JEPPIAAR to lead the creation of Sathyabama- a science and technology institute, imparting and disseminating knowledge and information concerning engineering, science, technology and education.

The company holds on to the aphorism-Together for Better Tomorrow, observing which it has shaped up the destinies of several dynamic, executive and resourceful minds that are eager to take the responsibility of innovatively engineer and effectuate the industry's mission, empowering the society with advanced Science and Technology. "As an academic institution we give more value to research and encourage ourselves in getting indulge in it. This has been our key mantra that has escorted us towards realistic evolution that got counted us amongst the leading Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be University). As a team, we keep an out-and-out check on the entire procedure, starting from ministering admission, conferring
academics, research, examination, and accurate placements," states Colonel Dr. JEPPIAAR, Founder & Chancellor, Sathyabama.

The Purpose of its Existence!
Sathyabama's object of exercise drives it towards embracing and acquainting with the contemporary developments prefaced by Internationalization, Industry Linked Courses, Curriculum on par with Global Standards, Establishing Centres of Excellence and focus on In-novation Research and Development. It is the penchant for research and observation that motivated the originator set up two research park-houses research centres that are completely dedicated to conducting all science and technology related experiments and studies. The research house comprises of a Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Centre for Drug discovery and development and a lot more. These research centres engaged in several R&D projects which are either sponsored or collaborative estimating to be more than 100 Crores Rupees assignments funded National Organizations like Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Department of Science and Technology (DST) and others. "Our resolution and emphasis has been to work on the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 which is to stride for making the environment free bleakness and promote access to quality education, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy. The researches brings out advanced solutions and approaches in every vertical," he adds.

The Formidable Innovations
In the substantial duration of its existence, Sathyabama has drafted out many head-turning innovations that came up in many form, ranging from moulding novel and pioneering technocrats to laying the foundation of eminent research centres. Marine Research Station embedded at Rameswaram, is a notable contribution made to stimulate research on cutting-edge marine ecology and climate change. Apart from this, the college brought in Technology Business Incubator that was confined towards the development and promotion of entrepreneurship in Marine Bio Resource and Engineering and Information Technology. This initiative motivated startups to not only sketch out new innovation, products and Technology but at the same time let them out for commercial purposes. Amongst the horde of achievements, the launch of SATHYABAMASAT-a satellite built by its students is the innovation which completely stands out. Over and above that Sathyabama prides itself of 16,000 Research publications Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases, owns 74 patents to its credit and is expecting grants to surpass the target of the 150 filed patents.

Currently, Sathyabama is staunchly engaging itself with Unnat Bharath Abhiyan, a Government of India's initiative to develop villages by providing technical solutions to their problems.