Samsidh Group Of Schools: Promoting Students Holistic Growth through Top-notch Teaching Practices

 Indu Sannoo,   CEOGiven the dynamic innovative environment where “Change is the only constant”. Samsidh School CBSE curriculum as the base but has a unique integration module executed with help of its own Learning Management System with a focus on Character Development, life skills program. Samsidh is today home to 10,000+ students and over 850 teachers spread across 17+ schools across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jammu, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Punjab. What is common across all the states is, if a child develops fluency in English, it makes it easier for them to understand the subjects. Its English Learning “Spark” program has gone a long way in helping the student to develop Reading, Comprehension skills which help students learn the subject concepts and application. Samsidh has 12+ years of experience in the field of education. Its best learning environment is created by well-trained and experienced faculty.

Incorporated in 2009, Samsidh was founded by the Visionary Founder Chairman, Samsidh Group of Schools, Vasa Srinivasa Rao, with a vision to mold students into ethical, happy, and creative leaders of the 21st century, standing true to its name which translates to ‘be prepared’ in Sanskrit, the group is today on a mission to provide equal opportunity to each and every learner to reach his/her fullest potential with stress to develop reading, speaking skills through its unique ‘Character Development’ program.

In regular schools’ students fare extremely well on the rote learning content, they struggle with conceptual understanding, which is a combination of knowledge, skill, and application to reallife situations.

"At Samsidh, every student is imbibed with the knowledge required, the skills to apply the learned knowledge in real-life situations, and the equanimous behavior required to lead a contented life”, says Indu Sannoo, CEO, Samsidh Group of Schools.

The Underlying Philosophy
The core educational philosophy of Samsidh is focused on four major functions to nurture the inner potential of each student, help them excel in their academics by further fine-tuning their strengths, developing in them feelings of compassion & humility, and inculcating happiness as a science to the students. Keeping students’ overall development in mind, every academic program at Samsidh is formulated by integrating together the core principles of Knowledge, Values, and Skills, wherein individual attention is given to every student. Additionally, the school also houses model classrooms equipped with all modern tools and technologies that are essential for a student’s holistic learning process.

“We do not churn out factory models of graduates we not only make them job-ready
but also train them to be healthy, humane, happy, and ethical. Through our carefully developed learning models, we ensure that every student is able to think critically & creatively, have strong leadership, communication, social, emotional and problem solving skills, along with being empathetic & compassionate to all”, explains Indu.

The Secret Recipe to Success
The genuine and positive approach of Founder Chairman Vasa, aided with innovative learning methodologies, principles, and programs that Samsidh Schools impart along with the academics. Some noteworthy ones among them is Academic Excellence seen in Board results with 80 percent of students achieving centum. Samsidhian’s have cracked IIT/JEE and young minds of Grades II, and X have authored books that are amongst Bestsellers.

Schools across the country follow CBSE Curriculum. through Enrichment, Integration of Values in Curriculum, and Character Development following the practice of Loving Kindness Meditation, the Leadership Program ‘SAMSIDH – MUN’ is an annual event, enriching close to 200 students helping them move a step closer to building confidence and Leadership Skills. Foundation Courses for Competitive Exams, International Standards of Student Performance Analysis, and Reading & Comprehension Programs.

We are creating leaders with our character development & enrichment program, which has been developed to help children not only find solutions for the existing problems but also create new career opportunities for themselves to invent their future

Samsidh Group of Schools follows the next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) for both students and teachers. Students learning is analyzed at the beginning of the Academic Year based on which the teachers prepare Learning to plan for students, not at the level of the class. Enabling the teachers to handhold every student and guide them accordingly in their academics with additional time at hand to prepare well for her topic. the LMS to help them improve Students can access worksheets and practice quizzes to revise concepts. For teachers, the system offers a host of exquisite features such as Lesson Plans, Mindmaps, Worksheets, and Chapter-wise Quizzes, Videos, Question banks.

Explaining further, Indu says, “Our prime motto is to facilitate children on ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’. We work deeply and systematically to develop conceptual understanding in children. We identify the level of each child and help him/her build conceptual understanding at their own pace, style, and level. So, we start from ‘cannot understand the concept’ to first ‘understanding the concept’, then to the ‘application of the concept’, and finally to ‘develop the higher order thinking skills using the concepts’.

Students Overall Holistic Development
Samsidh gives equal importance to extracurricular activities as well, wherein its students are encouraged to participate in sports, theatre, fine arts, and social work. Samsidhians have represented the country in International Sports events apart from Sports, Olympiad Achievements at the National, International level. ‘Changemakers Club’, through which students gain exposure to Health & Wellness, practicing the right eating habits, IT- Preparing for Competitive exams by attempting MCQ after each chapter in each Subject, Green Economy and Social Structure. Samsidh Schools, across the country, have received Awards & recognitions that include ‘Best School with Infrastructure', ‘School Excellence Leadership Award’ & ‘Best Green School Award’ by CED (2018), 'British Council Award' (2019), ‘Excellent IT Enabled School in India’ & ‘Excellent School for Innovation Based Education in India’ awards at 12th National Education Summit (2018), 'Brain Feed Top 500 Schools Award' and ‘Top 50 Organizations in Education by GFEL', to name a few.

“We are creating leaders with our character development & enrichment program, which has been developed to help children not only find solutions for the existing problems but also create new career opportunities for themselves to invent their future. We are giving them a head start of 10 years to become experts in their chosen domains”, concludes Indu.