The Nurtury Pre School: Crafting a Bright Future through Holistic Early Education

 Sruthi Sagiraju,  Managing Director

Sruthi Sagiraju

Managing Director

Preschool lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning, nurturing young minds to flourish with curiosity and creativity. Preschool education in India is witnessing a surge in significance as parents recognize its pivotal role in early childhood development. With increasing awareness about the importance of early education, preschools are becoming integral in shaping a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills. These institutions provide a structured environment conducive to learning through play and interactive activities. Additionally, the demand for quality preschools is escalating, driven by working parents seeking reliable childcare solutions.

This is where The Nurtury Pre School steps in, founded in response to the growing demand for value based education suited to the different needs of today’s parents. The school’s objective is to provide holistic early education that promotes academic success as well as essential life skills. While some prefer intense academic preparation from an early age, others prioritize preparing children for real-world issues by emphasizing communication, presentation, and practical skills. Recognizing a need in the preschool landscape, the school was established to provide a loving atmosphere that equips children to flourish in an increasingly digitalized world. The name itself, ‘Nurtury’, represents the dedication to developing young minds into caring, flexible persons capable of managing life’s challenges.

The teaching staff at The Nurtury Pre School is highly qualified and experienced, ensuring that students have enriching learning experiences. The school prioritizes practical learning over traditional methods. Its approach combines Montessori, Cambridge, and IB curricula to provide a comprehensive education. By combining books and hands-on learning, children gain both academic knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for any educational path. With a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 1:8, each child receives personalized instruction to effectively understand and apply concepts.

The school provides programs for children as young as six months old, promoting sustainable living and early childhood education. The curriculum includes toddler, playgroup, nursery, and pre-primary levels, as well as a fully equipped daycare center. The campus has child-centric amenities, such as tailored facilities and specialized Montessori materials, to ensure a nurturing environment in which learning is ingrained in each child’s experience.

The school emphasizes communication and language development with a low teacher-student ratio, children are more engaged with
educators who have over a decade of experience. To lay a solid linguistic foundation, articulation, phonetics, syllables, and word blending are all emphasized. Furthermore, children are encouraged to express themselves confidently and overcome stage fright through daily prayer performances and celebrations. Monthly field trips increase interaction and reduce stranger anxiety. By providing a supportive environment in which children can freely express themselves, the school ensures that it develops critical communication skills that will be necessary for future success.

In addition to the standard curriculum, The Nurtury Pre School provides a variety of extracurricular activities, including storytelling sessions, workshops, and various craft projects. Furthermore, students participate in external events, festivals, and competitions, which provide valuable exposure to the outside world while also developing important skills such as creativity, teamwork, and adaptability. These activities help children develop holistically by providing diverse learning experiences outside of traditional academics.

The name itself,‘Nurtury’,represents the dedication to developing young minds into caring, flexible persons capable of managing life’s challenges

Foundations of Excellence

The infrastructure at the school is meticulously designed to provide the best learning environment for children. Teachers receive extensive professional development, including early education, Montessori training, and child Psychology, resulting in at least eight to ten years of experience. Weekly training sessions keep educators up to date on new methodologies and technologies to learn and inculcate well proven theories in their classrooms. A kid centric structured individual timetable brings balanced learning based on the individual pace and capabilities. It ensures that all aspects of learning are covered effectively. Furthermore, all staff, including caregivers and security personnel, receive regular etiquette training, emphasizing the importance of fostering a supportive and respectful environment conducive to children’s overall development.

With a focus on sustainability, the school’s environment is decorated with natural colors and materials, fostering a connection to nature. The large outdoor play area, which is uncommon in many preschools, allows children to get plenty of sunlight and exposure to the outdoors, which boosts their immunity. Furthermore, every aspect of the campus, from staircases to toilets, is designed to meet the needs of children, encouraging them to be self-reliable and help for development of fine and gross motor skills through daily activities that mirror real-life scenarios.

To ensure the safety of the students, the school has strict security measures in place. CCTV surveillance monitors the premises, and strict protocols require prior appointments and ID proof verification upon entry. An app simplifies visitor management and appointment scheduling, thereby improving security procedures. Access control restricts entry, including for employees, and RFID ID cards track attendance and the school building is also fireproof. Communication between parents and teachers is highly collaborative, with detailed records of daily activities, meals, and naps available via a dedicated app. Parents receive detailed updates on their children’s learning and activities, which promotes transparency and trust between the school and families.

“The Nurtury Pre School’s campus is designed to blend seamlessly with nature. The school’s commitment to creating a nurturing environment is evident in its lush greenery, which includes real plants and various animals. From birds to fish, every element contributes to the ecosystem, instilling gratitude and a sense of connection with nature. If you are looking for an educational environment that prioritizes holistic development within a thriving ecosystem, The Nurtury Pre School is the best option for your child”, concludes Sruthi Sagiraju, Managing Director.