Sanskriti Kids: Shaping Bright Futures with Passionate Education

Dr. Mamtha Singh,   PrincipalThere is a shift in contemporary education towards all-round development in holistic learning environments. Also, the schools are incorporating technology into their curriculum to improve and prepare learners for the future digital world. This is in addition to the increased importance being given to creativity, critical thinking and problem solving through project based and experiential forms of learning. Moreover, awareness on socio-emotional learning and mental well-being has increased with resultant implementation of programs by schools meant for supporting needs of children as whole persons. Nevertheless, access to quality education, affordability and educational equity remain as some challenges that determine how the industry’s market looks like.

Sanskriti Kids is a beacon of holistic education dedicated to molding young minds into self-assured, compassionate, competent human beings. Combining high academic standards with arts, technology and character development makes it an enjoyable environment for every child to thrive.

Fostering a Love for Learning & Discovery

The Terala Educational Society started Sanskriti Kids in 2019, realizing that no such thing as value added education for pre-primary and primary children existed. This culminated into a realization, which led to the establishment of an exceptional school that seeks to offer quality education with a modern touch and global perspective. From its inception, Sanskriti Kids has swiftly transformed to become a boutique branch of recognized Sanskriti group schools providing education to children from pre-primary to the middle school level. It is the vision of this preschool that children are nurtured right from their early years recognizing them as future leaders of tomorrow.

The school has managed to foster all-round growth among its students by incorporating sensory play into their curriculum during their peak sensory learning period. They develop deeper insights on the world when they engage in meticulously designed activities centered on five sensing, like sorting games and balancing acts. “Sanskriti Kids has garnered a reputation for its expert faculty who, along with develop-mental aids, provide a safe and conducive learning environment”, says Dr. Mamtha Singh, Principal.

Inspiring Young Minds to Soar Higher

Sanskriti Kids prides itself on working at nurturing the holistic development of children aged three to ten years. At the core of its offerings lies a meticulously crafted curriculum that integrates various activities
to enhance emotional, social, intellectual, and kinaesthetic abilities. The school’s diverse range of courses includes music, dance, drama, skating, karate and robotics so they can experience both performance art and martial arts. These activities foster a holistic and aesthetic perspective toward the world, instilling values of discipline, creativity and self-expression. Sanskriti Kids offers specialized activities for pre-primary students to build gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills which will ease their entry into formal education.

Sanskriti Kids provides a nurturing environment fostering holistic develop-ment through innovative education & cultural enrichment

In addition to this it possesses bright classrooms with colorful walls containing variety of teaching aids enabling learners be stimulated during study activities thus promoting active participation and retention among them. Child-centric curriculum focuses on activity based learning while also having professional drama classes and speaking classes for better communication skills and confidence building. Furthermore, Sanskriti kids ensures that students get an opportunity to learn outdoors through field trips enabling them to appreciate nature’s beauty as well as experiential learning taking place outside classrooms. The school’s infrastructure is designed to facilitate optimal learning experiences, with state-of-the-art facilities including a nature library, soft gym, amphitheater, skating rink, computer lab, AV room, art studio, home studio, and nap room. These amenities cater to various aspects of development, from physical fitness to technological literacy, literary finesse, and creative expression.

Moreover, Sanskriti Kids prioritizes etiquette and manners through simulated home environments, ensuring students develop respect and responsibility from a young age. “Through innovative teaching methodo-logies and a commitment to nurturing individual talents, the school has empowered its students to explore their interests and unlock their full potential from an early age”, says Dr. Mamtha.

The distinguishing feature of Sanskriti Kids among the other preschools and primary education institutions is its amalgamation of excellent education with dedicated teachers and holistic development. Every staff member at this school is post-graduate and has also passed all necessary teacher training courses. The school also provides a safe space for learning by nurturing the young minds into value-based education that they uphold to date. The institution uses both traditional teaching methods alongside modern technology which enables students gain knowledge through experience as well as visual aids to enhance their understanding and memory. Apart from academic excellence, Sanskriti kids differentiates itself by focusing on building cultural ethos. The curriculum includes cultural aspects that highlight the importance of heritage and traditions which vary widely from one country to another. Teachers are trained regularly so that they continue to be conversant with recent techniques in teaching-learning processes enabling them to work better as facilitators of studies.

Within a short span since its establishment, the school has received the Radio City Icon Awards for the best pre-primary and primary school with emerging trends in education, the Award for Excellence in Creative Academic Programmes at the Global K-12 Summit, the Leader of Excellence in Cultural Activities Award at Rangotsav Celebration, and acknow-ledgment as one of the Top 50 Organizations in Education by GFEL, held at Le Maridian, Dubai. With a student-teacher ratio of 1:25, Sanskriti Kids fosters a close bond between teachers, students, and parents, enabling teachers to identify and nurture the innate abilities of each child effectively.

Sanskriti Kids aims to further enhance its educational offerings by integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methodo-logies. The school plans to expand its curriculum to include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, equipping students with 21st-century skills. Through compassionate teaching and confident student engagement, the school aims to creates a positive and conducive learning environment, preparing students to excel academically and thrive as responsible global citizens.