Kates : Cultivating Young Minds for a Brighter Tomorrow

 Dr. Pramod Kumar,   Founder & CMD

Dr. Pramod Kumar

Founder & CMD

The National Capital Region of India is a vibrant tapestry of culture, innovation and growth. Apart from the bustling streets and towering skylines, the region is also home to a burgeoning landscape of preschool education. Over the past decade, the demand for quality early childhood education in the NCR has seen a remarkable upsurge, driven by a growing awareness among parents of the critical role preschools play in shaping a child’s early years. NCR is increasingly becoming a center for excellence in education. Amidst this evolving educational landscape, KATES - Kids Academy of True Education has established itself as a leader in the field, epitomizing a close-knit family where parents, teachers, and students collaborate as equal partners in the journey of growth and development.

KATES’ philosophy revolves around the belief that education is the cornerstone of a child’s life. “As the name suggests, we strive to create an environment where true learning thrives. We recognize the immense importance of early childhood education in shaping a child’s future. Hence, our approach is geared towards creating a nurturing and warm atmosphere where children can grow and blossom intellectually, emotionally and socially”, explains Dr. Pramod Kumar, Founder and CMD of KATES Group of Schools. The school’s curriculum has been carefully crafted to address all facets of a child’s development and is in line with the tenets of the National Education Policy 2020. Its commitment to holistic education sets the school apart, where physical activities, role-play and interactive learning experiences are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum. KATES focuses on innovation and emphasizes the holistic development of each child to lay a strong foundation for future lifelong learning and success.

Catering to Every Developmental Stage

The school is proud to offer four different programs that are carefully designed to meet the varying developmental needs of children ages two and up. The school’s Playgroup program introduces toddlers to the wonders of learning and encourages their curiosity and the fundamental skills that are important to their educational journey. As children move into the Nursery program at age three and
older, they are immersed in a stimulating environment that invites exploration and discovery. The Lower Kindergarten (LKG) program for children ages four and older provides a structured, yet nurturing environment where they can continue to develop their academic and social skills. Children then begin the Upper Kindergarten (UKG) program from the age of five, where they are fully prepared for formal schooling. The curriculum is based on the principles of holistic development and goes beyond the purely academic. It includes experiential learning, outdoor activities that promote physical development, and cultural celebrations that foster empathy and an appreciation of diversity.

KATES believes in igniting curiosity, unlocking potential, & nurturing dreams, creating a foundation for lifelong success & a future filled with limitless possibilities

The school is committed to nurturing young people through a joyful and holistic early childhood education that emphasizes safety, creativity and a strong sense of community. “We see ourselves as a beacon of excellence where children’s curiosity is awakened, their potential unleashed and their dreams nurtured to develop a lifelong love of exploration and learning. Our motto ‘Igniting Curiosity, Unlocking Potential, Nurturing Dreams’ expresses our commitment to providing a nurturing environment where children discover their unique potential and develop the fundamental skills they need to succeed”, says Dr. Pramod. The school’s logo symbolizes its commitment to empowering children through education. Through movement and play, it creates an engaging environment where children are encouraged to actively participate in their learning journey.

Integrating Playful Learnings

“Our teaching philosophy at KATES centers on playbased approaches, with a focus on role-playing, learning by doing and storytelling as essential elements of our curriculum. By taking the kids on regular field trips to different locations like picnics, temples and gurudwaras, we give them practical experiences that support their overall growth. We also use technology to improve learning; interactive books and smart classrooms support our dedication to a comprehensive curriculum”, shares Dr. Pramod. The school places a strong emphasis on language development and also facilitates language acquisition through drama and music, with all of its teachers being fluent in English and its relationship with Trinity College London.

The school’s infrastructure includes interactive whiteboards, a ball pool, a Mickey Mouse themed play area, and visually appealing walls covered in instructional resources. The teaching team, which consists of early childhood education certified graduates, guarantees the delivery of quality education with a focus on communication skills. Extracurricular activities such as dance, music, art & craft, role-playing and storytelling further enrich its curriculum, promoting focus, knowledge acquisition, and overall development in children.

At KATES, the dedication to nurturing knowledge and shaping futures extends beyond borders. “As we continue to strive for excellence, we aspire to expand our footprint internationally, bringing our unique approach to early childhood education to children worldwide. We are grateful for the recognition we have received, including the prestigious Indian School Award in 2023, Indian Icon Award in 2023 and the International Icon Award for Leadership”, adds Dr. Pramod. The school looks forward to continuing its journey of empowerment and growth, both within India and on the global stage.