Sanskriti Global Pre-School: Fostering the Unique Potential in Each Child

Geetanjali Dhar,  FounderThe early childhood experiences are crucial for a child’s healthy development and lifelong learning. In this period (three to five years) of rapid physical and mental growth, children are capable of absorbing more information than in the later years. The way a child develops during this time affects his/her future cognitive, social, and emotional, language, and physical development, which in turn influences school-readiness and later success in life. But in order to groom a child towards the right path, it’s imperative to start with the fact that each child is unique. Sanskriti Global Pre-School, a distinctive brand in education, which is inextricably linked with value-based, outcome-driven education, appreciates this uniqueness in each child. Chanting the mantra: ‘Each Child Matters’, and thereby assuring the right platform for children’s holistic development, Sanskriti builds a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well being of every child.

IMAGO Towards the Overall Development of Children
What makes us distinct is our customized, age appropriate, internationally and nationally benchmarked curriculum, ‘IMAGO’. IMAGO is designed keeping the academic needs of this ‘GEN Z’ in mind. “Focused on experiential learning, IMAGO not only caters to all three basic learning styles of children Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic, but is also designed for this tech-savvy generation,” says Revati Raju, Promoter, Sanskriti. ‘IMAGO’ focuses on the seven spheres of developmental approach that is the seven Cs (Creative, Critical Thinking, Collaborative,
Conceptual, Connection, Comprehension and Cultural) and thereby ensuring appropriate development of student’s BMS: Body, Mind and Soul through experiential learning. It’s quite evident that the focus lies on the overall development of the child and not just on the academics. While self help skills like agriculture and life skills like entrepreneurship are inculcated from a young age, yoga and meditation are a part of the daily schedule.

Sanskriti also realizes the significance of nutrition and diet in a child’s development and hence a nutritious meal, ‘Edu-nutro’ meal, designed to promote health and stimulate learning, is provided to the child. Annually, a development milestone report is prepared to indicate the development of every child based on several meticulous parameters including physical (gross motor and fine motor) and socio-emotional development.

Focused on experiential learning, IMAGO not only caters to all three basic learning styles of children, but is also designed for this tech-savvy generation

“After all, the process (of upbringing) should respect a child's right to play,” says Revati. Sanskriti imparts knowledge and skills through a mix of funfilled activities such as storytelling, puppetry, nature walk, craft work, festival celebrations that expose children to different cultures simultanelously developing their personalities. In addition, the Learn-O-Play aids is used to give an opportunity for students to explore their sensory, motor, emotional and intellectual potentials, and thus enhance their creative and memory skills. The national and international day celebrations help in fixing the feeling of global citizen in the child as well.

Safe and Happy Environment for Kids
Nestling in the lush green area spread over 25,000 sq.ft., Sanskriti manifests a world class child specific infrastructure, bestowing a perfect learning environment. The environment is set to foster independence in children, but under a highly secured environment. The whole school is secured with CCTV surveillance, security guards at the gates and ‘helper aunties’ who ensure the safety of children.

With the goodwill Sanskriti has earned over the past 19 years, it’s no wonder it has added18 branches in the current financial year and 12 more are in the pipeline. The franchise model has worked out for the organization quite well. With strong academic, operational and marketing support guaranteed, Sanskriti opens its door for franchisee owners/partners, who meet investment (Rs.4-9 lakh depending upon franchisee model/location) and infrastructure requirements (single stored/multi stored building close to residential area).