Rio Preschools: Promoting Experiential Learning for Children's All-Around Development

Roopa R,Founder & Director

Roopa R, Founder & Director

Mithun S Kanthi, Co-Founder

The amenable core of a kid’s mind can be sculpted until they complete their elementary stages of developmental milestones. Although home is considered as the first place for learning, schools have been playing quite an instrumental role in molding one’s personality. Preschools having highly organized programs are considered as a perfect medium for nurturing a kid’s growth by stimulating their curiosity, endowing them with knowledge and preparing them for future ahead. Bangalore based Rio Preschools is one such highcaliber preschool & daycare centre that aims to instill a lifelong interest in learning among the children by laying-down a strong scholastic foundation.

This preschool focuses mainly on providing children with fun, easy & quality learning without forcing them to learn. Rio stands apart with its distinct learning environment & funbased activities that enhances the children’s skillset on reading, writing, drawing, reciting shlokas, learning about culture & a lot more. Its unique award-winning curriculum, formulated using Miles Technique is specifically designed to prepare the children to face the competitive world via the perfect combination of academic & extracurricular activities, which helps the children to improve their interpersonal skill. Besides teaching them yoga & meditation to enhance their physical & emotional health, it also provides the parents with a food chart that encourages them to provide the children with nutritious & healthy food.

Categorizing its preschool into Play Group, Nursery, LKG, & UKG, Rio has interactive classrooms well equipped with latest technological & educative tools like smart interactive board, talking pen & a lot more to promote experiential learning. The preschool’s curriculum includes activities like multisensory learner motivation, intelligence building activities, longterm memory storage through music, movement, rhythm & rhyme and skill oriented language learning. As Rio firmly believes in experiential learning, it plans different kinds of fun activities every day, where a theme is planned for every week & the classrooms are decorated accordingly. Not stopping there, Rio also celebrates all festivals & national holidays and helps students to learn about various cultures, tradition, heritage and a lot more.

We believe in women empowerment and provide women with a very affordable & reasonable franchise option that they can avail & start a new career

At Rio, the staffs are well trained to be child-centric and friendly and all the things are systematized by teachers & facilitators as per child’s requirements. Apart from maintaining a hygienic & safe, secure setting for kids, Rio also provides the students with highend protection, where the entire school premise is covered with CCTV camera.

Future Roadmap
Since its inception, Rio has been growing tremendously and secured many awards like Best Smart School in Karnataka by India Achiever’s Award 2018, Best Innovative Curriculum by Asia Emerging Brand 2019 and many more. The preschool aims to be one of the best preschools and plans to expand its centers to 300 in the coming two years. This emerging brand with a new franchise model works independently and extends with satisfactory guidance in market. Roopa R, Director, Rio Preschool, says, “We believe in women empowerment and provide women with a very affordable & reasonable franchise option that they can avail & start a new career”. Rio does not believe in resting on its laurels and aspires to introduce new innovations to its preschools in the coming days.

Holistic Support
As co-founder, Mithun S Kanthi says, “A franchisor should not only ensure the franchisee with initial support but hand hold and create trust and loyalty all the way”. Rio believes in women empowerment and this is aptly seen by the example set by the founder Roopa. Rio provides marketing and training support to all its franchisees whole heartedly and this speaks for the success of their existing franchiser.