Pebbles Pre-School: A Home Away from Home for the Nurturing Young Minds

Kennedy Nesamoney,Founder & CEO

Kennedy Nesamoney

Founder & CEO

Considering the rising concerns about pre-primary education, prepping the tiny tots for school readiness is an elementary practice among the modern parents. In conjunction with the increasing number of nuclear families & working parents, it’s fueling the need for improved childcare foundations which can serve an at-home environment to nurture a child. Pebbles pre-school is one franchise organization which caters to all concerns with care. It has come up developmentally appropriate curriculum delivered at a fun-learning platform with a special attention to the muscle, the linguistic, physical, socio emotional, cognitive and creative areas of the young minds. Keeping the verticals constant, Pebbles pre-schools are close to one’s work place or home, offering Play Group program, Kindergarten and Day Care facility under one roof.

The organization was founded by Kennedy Nesamoney in 2000 with a prime motto of ‘awakening the hidden possibilities in the child through nurturing, learning and fun’. At present time this ISO certified organization is an exemplary foundation growing at a phenomenal rate PAN India in the pre-primary education sector. On the flipside, as a credible franchiser and an experienced player in the industry, Pebbles is all equipped to
backup a franchise unit. It provides a proven business model for the budding edupreneurs in starting a Pebbles preschool at their locality with no apparent cause of concern.

Code for Franchise
Scaling the possibilities to expound in the current market, Pebbles Pre-School franchise comes with zero loyalty model with few requirement verticals. Firstly, it requires a minimum of 1,200 square feet (preferably a ground floor) to start the facility with a target area PAN India and an initial CAPEX of Rs.3-7 lakh and with a franchise package of Rs.2.75 lakh. A prior experience in the education sector is desirable but not mandatory because its pro active team assists a new franchiser at all sects of operations.

Pebbles Pre-Schools are close to one’s work place or home, offering Play Group program, Kindergarten and Day Care facility under one roof

Viewing the listed requirements, the franchise partner has to proceed through elaborate but easy steps to own a Pebble Pre-School franchise. Primarily the franchise partner requires to sign a license from the local authority to meet the statutory health and safety requirements before starting the pre-school at their locality. After which it proceeds for a formal agreement of three years with option for further renewal. Upon initial agreement, it takes about two to four months to begin the entire operation. The franchise kit comes with an elaborate assist from designing, fixtures, staff recruitment, software training to running of the school administration with a stressfree access to curriculum, study material and manuals.

Furthermore, in creating the brand awareness, the local advertisements are handled by the respective franchisee holders. While beyond the local perimeter and with the national bounds, the brand promotions are handled by Pebbles team. Post setup, appointing & maintaining efficient teaching staffs often prove to be a difficult task. Due to Pebbles’ national presence and brand value, it is easily attracting new talents to join its preschools. It also conducts a regular in service training to inform the teachers about the latest trends in early childhood education and how to care handle the children during school hours. Pebbles launched new branches around Chennai, other parts of Tamil Nadu and Greater Noida and all geared up to have more centres PAN India.