Makoons: Promising Child First Learning Platform for Pre-Primary Foundation

Vijay Kumar Agarwal, CEO,Shalini Agarwal, Director (Academics)

Vijay Kumar Agarwal, CEO

Shalini Agarwal, Director (Academics)

Owing to the changing demography which affirms the parent’s concern over quality pre-primary foundation, created a ready need for more preschool setups within their locality. Knowing the fact that these formative years of learning demands immense care, preschool brands like Makoons have buckled up to proffer child first leaning platform to provide a strong foundation ground for the young minds. On the flipside, having been an experienced education provider in the preschool business, in 2017 it began to expand its educational reforms through franchise models across the city shores and beyond. Gradually, the preschool units under Makoons substantially grew in numbers and within a span of 3.5 years, it covered seven states and 14 cities with 70 centers, making it the fastest growing preschool PAN India.

Shalini Agarwal, Director Academics, Makoons, avers, “Our program is exclusively crafted for overall development of a child with methods and techniques never before used in preschool education”. Following the preschool byline to keep the kids unplugged, Makoons has designed a futuristic curriculum which has a unique balance of old learning principles and new formats to familiarize the children with the new age technologies. As kids today are very fond of gadgets, taking the help of Imacle, a augmented reality(AR)product, it is creating an interactive experience for the children which will further help them to grasp the concepts in an experiential way. Makoons is the first preschool in India to use a
convergent platform in transforming the preschool curriculum, which pushed it ahead of any competitor in the industry.

Further, in strengthening the industry foothold, Makoons has its inhouse R&D team which is constantly renewing the curriculum to stay at par with the industry standards. The preschool is affiliated by an international board where it regularly stream-in new updates to improve the curriculum. To provide the best in quality pre-primary education, it is conducting international exhibition at NAEYC, Washinton DC, Trinity College of London and Pre-School Learning Alliance, UK as well.

Offering Every Franchise Needs
Makoons franchise is free of royalty charges, offering a partner-friendly business model where they have to pay only for its franchise kits and the rest to assure better profitability in the competitive market. While selecting the business partners, it chooses a candidate (mostly female) having a sound educational background plus having strong business acumen and preferably having a teaching background. Ensuring pre-value relationships, it offers a franchise territory allocation to minimize the internal competition. Besides, Makoons is the only preschool brand offering B2C marketing in helping the customers to generate admissions for the franchisee and provides a complete know how of the curriculum for seamless knowledge delivery.

Our program is exclusively crafted for overall development of a child with methods and techniques never before used in preschool education

The franchise kit comprises of internationally labeled teaching aids apt for the early developmental years and 360 degree setup support of adjacencies compounding interior designing, pre-launch activities, post launch activities and more. With an initial investment of Rs.10-15 lakh and with 1500-2000 square feet ground floor space, its franchisee tool can transform the residential place to a functional preschool. Post setup, teaching staffs are appointed to each unit, where each potential candidate is interviewed at Makons headquarters, where the applicants should have a minimum graduation with three years of working experience.

Over three years, Makoons has experienced a stellar expansion in the market with a CAGR of 120 percent and each of its franchise units successfully crosses a breakeven point within six to nine months after establishment. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, CEO, Makoons, concludes, “We now target to cross 100 centres by December 2020”.