ParentEye: Innovative Parent-Institute Engagement Platform for Your Child's Academic Success

Shajju C K, Co-Founder & CEO

Shajju C K

Co-Founder & CEO

The movie 3 Idiots highlighted the grim but true scenario of ignorance and herd mentality rampant across the young student population and their parents. A survey conducted by ParentEye reveals some heart pinching facts, for instance around 80 percent of the students are unaware of their areas of interest, thanks to the lack of understanding parents and institutes harbour when it comes to a child and his area of interest, right from the beginning of his academic journey. This gap directly conflicts with the interests of the future change makers of our nation. However, it can be easily traversed by being constantly in touch with the child’s academic pursuits. Bangalore-based ParentEye (developed by Scientia Innovation Pvt. Ltd.) connects parents with educational institutes and assists them in keeping an eye on their child’s progress and interests through an integrated platform that not only shares his/her information, but also builds up a profile that indicates the child’s innate qualities. “The platform delivers materials that help grooming the child in the right direction,” explains Shajju C K, Co-Founder & CEO, ParentEye.

With a knack to understand the exact problem and blending it with the right technology, ParentEye is on its way to emerge as a prominent market leader

A Step-by-Step Guidance
ParentEye is a technology driven solution that is automating and streamlining regular activities that negates the requirements of physical presence of either parties. Most importantly, it undertakes a repetitive analysis of the child’s daily activities that goes a long way in helping parents and teachers understand the child’s niche and encourage him/her to flourish in their area of interest. Leveraging ParentEye’s services is as easier as it can get. Potential users can ring up the ParentEye sales support, gather relevant information, download the app from PlayStore / AppStore and immediately get started! Through this app, parents can now enjoy a constructive relationship with the institute and its stakeholders where they are duly informed about the assignments, school events, exam results, daily activities and primarily, their child’s academic progress which is easily available on the ParentEye mobile app.

Moreover, the educational institutes can now scrap their manual and tedious conventional methodologies that usually lead to wastage of resource along with
manpower. ParentEye helps management take the right decision through its user friendly portal. Its diverse sections can be used to monitor different attributes pertaining to the overall performance of the insutute, enhance inter-management communication, there by negating the paper circular system and sending fee reminders to parents to avoid any delay. The company’s collaboration with NGO Vidya Council for Education and government aided schools brought in the much needed streamlined operations for their otherwise neglected administration.

Blending Technology with Education
With a knack to understand the exact problem and blending it with the right technology, ParentEye is on its way to emerge as a prominent market leader. A skilled support team ensures smooth operations of this visionary idea while stringent security audits by third party agencies ensure its complete adherence to standard guidelines. By encompassing all the paramount measures efficiently, it hardly comes off as a surprise that ParentEye enjoyed a revenue growth of around 250 percent in 2016-2017 accompanied with around 25000 downloads. With its expansion in Africa, Middle East and Australia/New Zealand, ParentEye will focus on establishing strategic corporate relations, hoping for revenue growth of around 200 percent in FY 2017-2018. The company is investing heavily in R&D to create personalized and student relevant content with some heavy investing in data analysis, which will be a facelift for ParentEye.