Orell Software Solutions: Transforming the Educational Institutions Experience

Saji Varghese Chameli, Chairman & MD,Abubaker Usman, Director

Saji Varghese Chameli, Chairman & MD

Abubaker Usman, Director

Now a days educational institutions come across administrative, information sharing and performance related challenges on a daily basis. Running these institutions has turned out to be hectic as they require to efficiently manage students, faculty and staff as well as track donations and grants. Besides, parents are also finding it difficult to maintain proper interaction regarding the day-to-day activities of their children at school. Oréll’s Schoo berry (Campus Management Dashboard) is the complete solution to supports the entire administrative and academic requirements of any educational institution.This user-friendly solution connects every department of the institution, automates the entire campus management activities (admission, academic management, examination, fee administration and more), simplifies administrative tasks &financial operations,and streamlines all academic & non-academic activities for better information sharing & fast retrieval of information whilst helping institutions in making prompt decisions.

Since its in ception in 2007, Oréll is keen on developing and providing innovative & ground-breaking customer-centric
education solutions & services to meet the changing demand of the education sector. In the virtue of same, venture has develop the entire gamut of learning products & solutions such as iTell (Digital Language Lab), eShelf (Digital Library), Rite Online (Web-based Online Examination Software),and eScholar(e-Learning Solutions) in the area of learning. Its in-house R&D division constantly monitors & updates these products, while diligently working on innovative ideas.

Oréll’s tailor-made cloud-based solutions ensure maximum security for the client’s data & timely data retrieval with increased accessibility, efficiency, easy software updates, scalability and reduced cost

Company’s state-of-the-art language lab software breaks all the boundaries of traditional English learning practices and works on a unique LSRW teaching methodology, where it activates blended learning providing innovative, flexible and adaptable technology platform for all language learning developments driven by student needs.“Holding our one million users, we create & deliver digital solutions that fit the changing demand of the international educational institutions,” asserts Saji Varghese Chameli,Chairman & MD, Oréll Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Tailor-made Solutions
Oréll’s tailor-made cloud-based solutions ensure maximum security for the client’s data &timely data retrieval with increased accessibility, efficiency,
easy software updates, scalability and reduced cost. It mentors its associates with recent industry trends and provides them various training, coaching, illustration and send them to different seminars, thereby encouraging them to adapt to industry changes. This enthusiastic workforce has served over 3500 clients (across 40 countries) and help company to emerge as a global leader. Going extra mile, Oréll has partnered with several government bodies (under their CSR activity) to offer quality technology-aided education to students.

“We have always been generous with providing enough resources for researching the requirements of the sector and therefore none of our clients have terminated or showed the intention to switch to another supplier. We are planning to flutter our wings for maximum presence in other countries through our products that best suits the unique needs of customers,” concludes a proud Saji. Having presence in all the major Indian cities and Dubai as well, Oréll aims to increase its revenue from 100 percent (last three years) to 250 percent ($5 million turnover) by the year 2020.

Key Management:

Saji Varghese Chameli, Chairman & Managing Director
Holding a bachelor degree in Physics & Education and masters’ in Business Management, Saji has a decade of experience in the IT industry with a specific focus on technology, sales and digital marketing.

Abubaker Usman, Director
Offerings: School berry (Campus ERP Suite), iTell (Digital Language Lab), eShelf (Digital Library), Rite Online (Online Exam Software), eScholar (eLearning Software), Application Development, Outsourcing and Consultancy