Little Florets School: Creating a Foundation for Lifelong Learning in Children

V Sreelatha,  Founder

V Sreelatha


The preschool market landscape is dynamic, driven by increasing parental awareness of early childhood education’s importance. With the rising demand for quality education, parents seek institutions prioritizing holistic development. Competition among preschools intensifies as parents prioritize factors like curriculum quality, infrastructure, and teacher qualifications. Additionally, market trends reflect a shift towards play based learning and experiential teaching methodologies.

However, parents often face challenges such as selecting the right institution amidst numerous options, ensuring affordability, and managing the transition from home to school for young children. Little Florets School, founded by passionate women entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience, is dedicated to imparting holistic education to children. With age-appropriate, enjoyable, and concept driven teaching methodologies, the school focuses on academic, cognitive, physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional development.

Fostering Academic & Emotional Growth

Little Florets School’s journey began with a shared vision of imparting a holistic education that focuses on the overall development of children. Inspired by the Founder’s own experiences and driven by a desire to make a difference, she established Little Florets School with the aim of nurturing good human beings equipped with the right knowledge and life skills. Navigating a market biased towards traditional teaching methods, Little Florets School encountered scepticism towards its holistic approach when establishing the school.

Overcoming this required extensive education and trust-building initiatives to shift perceptions towards experiential and concept-driven learning methodologies. Additionally, overcoming curriculum deve- lopment and infrastructure challenges fueled by its passion and determination led to the school’s success. “With three branches across Hyderabad, the school envisions partnering with like-minded individuals to establish additional schools, advancing its mission of nurturing well-rounded future generations”, says V Sreelatha, Founder.

Cultivating Bright Futures with Care

Little Florets School stands as a beacon of quality education and comprehensive child
development, offering a range of services designed to nurture young minds. The school caters to different age groups, providing a well rounded educational experience. For preschoolers, the school offers a Nursery for 3+ years, PP I/Jr. Kg for 4+ years, and PP II/Sr. Kg for 5+ years. The curriculum is age appropriate, focusing on literacy, numeracy, phonetics, and environmental studies through concept-driven and experiential teaching methodologies. The emphasis on phonetics aids language learning, making it easier for children to understand and grasp. Little Florets School prioritizes holistic development, incorporating activities to enhance gross and fine motor skills. Additionally, dance classes, yoga, and arts and crafts are integral parts of the curriculum, contributing to physical and creative development.

Festivals are celebrated to in stil cultural values and morals. For primary school students (Class 1 to 5), the school provides a strong foundation in subjects like Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and languages (English, Hindi, and Telugu). The teaching and learning methodology remains experiential, ensuring a seamless transition to secondary school. Extracurricular activities, including dance, gymnastics, and yoga, further enrich the students’ overall development. These activities contribute to brain development, create enthusiasm for learning, and instil a sense of discipline and joy. “Through a carefully crafted curriculum, experiential learning, and a range of extracurricular activities, the school is committed to shaping well rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the future”, says V Sreelatha.

Little florets school Is nurturing holistic Development through Innovative education & experiential learning Methodologies

Little Florets School distinguishes itself through a multifaceted approach to education, emphasizing several key factors that contribute to its unique identity. The school’s teaching methodology is tailored to accommodate diverse learning styles, recognizing that each child is unique. The school’s infrastructure enhances the learning environment with well-furnished classrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, and the use of technology for effective parent communication. The dedicated teaching staff, comprising postgraduates with relevant certifications, exhibits passion and patience, creating a nurturing atmosphere. The curriculum is holistic, incorporating experiential learning to engage students in a variety of ways, including visual, auditory, reading/ writing, and kinesthetic methods.

Little Florets School takes pride in its play-based learning approach, where the overall development of the child is the central focus. The emphasis on practical exposure and concept-driven activities facilitates a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Since its inception on October 15, 2021, Little Florets School has achieved significant milestones and received prestigious awards and recognition, such as Emerging Standalone Preschool in 2022 and Most Promising Edu Leader in 2023 by Times to Grow. It has also been recognized among the Top 100 promising preschools of India for the years 2023-24 by Brainfeed magazine which further establishes its commitment to educational excellence. The school’s growth and success are attributed to the unwavering support of parents, creating a collaborative environment where parents, teachers, and children work together for the betterment of each child.

Little Florets School envisions a future marked by continuous growth and excellence in education. With a focus on holistic child development, the school aims to expand its reach and impact. The goal includes establishing more schools and fostering partnerships with like-minded individuals who share the commitment to providing quality education. By staying true to its core values and innovative teaching methodologies, Little Florets School strives to create a positive and nurturing learning environment for children, ensuring it is well prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.