Kreative Starz Play Group: A Family of Value Based & Hands-on Learners

In today’s generation, where education is still provided through traditional learning methods and rote learning, Sandhya Rao(Director, Kreative Starz) found that it is not an apt method for the overall development of a child. It is a universally known fact that 98 percent of a child’s neurological development takes place in the first five years, also known as the foundational years. Hence, Sandhya felt the need for a blended learning that would combine hands-on and value-based learning. Resultantly, based on her rich experience & contribution to preschool education and a great backing of educational qualifications of B.A, MMS, B.Ed., ECCEd with specializations in Learning Disabilities, her career has been flourishing. Sandhya uses a blended curriculum based on Rudolph Steiner’s method formalizing value-based learning.

Building Future by Nurturing All
Mumbai based Kreative Starz uses advanced teaching methods, including conceptual learning(storytelling and robotic teaching for its play school, nursery and Jr. & Sr. KG section. Children here are granted admission from ages two-four years and are further enhanced by engaging them in activities like phonics, speech, drama, music and dance. Kreative Starz helps children into budding a healthy self-esteem, social competence and encourages them to become increasingly independent. Kreative Starz believes in their vision that every child is unique & special in their own way and even caters to students with special needs.

“We design curriculum in such a way that kids become practically ready for mainstream school for all boards,” quips Sandhya. The facilities provided at Kreative Starz are at par with the Preschool Education industry centrally air-conditioned classrooms, indoor/outdoor game facilities, sand play area, water play area, age appropriate games & toys that engage learning, van service with a lady attendant for pickup & drop service and much more.
Fun Time is Learning Time
To ensure holistic development, Kreative Starz offers a range of after school activities in the daycare from 5pm to 9pm, which includes Abacus, Chess, Dance, Phonics, Keyboard, Guitar, Speech & Drama, Handwriting Improvement Classes, and much more. Students get novel experience through introduction of festivals, color days and sports day. Kreative Starz gives kids the first-hand opportunity to experience stage performance on occasions like Grandparents Day and Annual Day, and engages kids in constant learning through their fun filled field trips. All of this encourages active learning, and at the same time, gives them the opportunity to explore their own new world of fun, creativity, growth and first friends.
Sandhya Rao,Director
Working with the parents as their ‘Partners in Parenting’, Kreative Starz holds itself essentially responsible for a child’s growth. Sandhya even guides parents on a monthly basis to help them understand their kids’ needs better and build a better relationship with their kids. Conducting one-on-one sessions with the children and parents individually, Sandhya herself monitors issues that arise from time-to-time. Thanks to her valued efforts and knowledge, Kreative Starz has come so far in this journey and bestowed it with International Education Excellence Award for Best Upcoming Preschool in Mumbai, and many such awards.

Working with the parents as their ‘Partners in Parenting’,Kreative Starz holds itself essentially responsible for a child’s growth

Kreative Starz is registered with Government of India and has tied-up with Indira Gandhi Training Institute, New Delhi to train Teachers for E.C.CED. Kreative Starz currently relishes a growth of 25 percent of its market share with only one branch in Mumbai. It will soon have ISO Certification and wishes to move ahead by opening several branches in Mumbai and providing several franchisees across the country.