Somani Foundation School: Enabling Every Kid to Blossom beyond Imagination

Kinnari Dinesh Somani, Founder & Principal

Kinnari Dinesh Somani

Founder & Principal

Researches infer that the first five years (0-2000 days) are critically important for a child’s development. Hence it is important that the child is given an innovative plinth where their imagination takes them beyond the sky, rather than following the usual curriculum that restricts every child to think on a similar pattern. Understanding that every child is uniquely talented, Mumbai-based Somani Foundation School (SFS) emphasizes on creating a congenial environment, enabling each one of them to blossom beyond imagination. This rich ecosystem helps kids to grow intellectually, artistically and morally. “We at SFS believe that every child is a masterpiece and it is our endeavor to tap their latent talent and potential and develop it to its fullest,” says Kinnari Dinesh Somani, Founder & Principal, Somani Foundation School.

Started in 2009 as with an admirable vision of offering a homely environment to kids with quality learning, the school (initially known as CAD International Preschool) caters to young children through its nursery, playgroup, KG (senior/junior), daycare, mother toddler, after school, 3G activity, summer camp and Diwali camp facility. One on hand, daycare & preschool programs lay down a strong academic foundation in this contemporary world whereas on the other hand, the evening activity classes boost non academic subjects like rhythm, dance, Sanskrit, chess, art & craft, gymnastics, vocals, karate, speech and drama. The school organizes personalized sessions on one-on-one basis for differently abled children, unlike any other player in the market.

Spread over 12,000 sq.ft. area SFS one-of-its-kind daycare & preschool not just renders warm, family environment and educational experience but also observes, encourages &
supports children during their formative years. The facility that is maintained by trained caretakers & teachers has a separate sleeping area, sand & water play area and wide range of puzzles/toys/books and others. Stressing on parents’ comfortability, SFS preschool & daycare offers flexible timing (8.00 AM to 8.00 PM), live CCTV access to parents and healthy, nutritious & hygienic food cooked inhouse for children (monthly food planners are handed over to parents at the beginning of the month). Regular field trips and health checkups are conducted and strict vigilance is kept on staff’s activities to avoid any mishaps.

Stressing on parents’comfort ability, SFS preschool & daycare offers flexible timing, live CCTV access and healthy, nutritious and hygienic food to children

Enhancing the children’s social & emotional intelligence, SFS’ flexible & activity based curriculum, ICSE-based syllabus promises a smooth transition from a play school environment to a formal schooling pedagogy. Formulated on the principles of knowledge, understanding, application and skillsets, the curriculum provides a balance of cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual learning experience. On the flip side, SFS not only encourages kids to participate at every event/annual day function but also frequently keeps upgrading curriculum & adding age specific activities and train staffs accordingly. “We are trendsetters to various upcoming schools in our area in term of introducing NEXT curriculum from pre primary level, by using VMS app for parent for daily pictures of children, celebrating Christmas night outs for all the children and many more,” professes Kinnari.

Believing in diversity, SFS gives equal room to staffs for creative thinking & open dialogue. Its employee-friendly ecosystem enables teachers to share laughter, stories and food. “SFS is not just a tangible assembly of assets it is collective representation of beliefs values and inputs of every individual who works here. We enjoy structure and flexibility, abstract thinking and concrete action, change and continuity, innovation and tradition, triumphs and setbacks and most importantly holding local roots and heading towards globalness,” concludes Kinnari.