Indiakids Preschool and Daycare: Promoting Creative Early Learning & Holistic Child Care

Verander Kumar Bhatia,Owner & Head Operations

Verander Kumar Bhatia

Owner & Head Operations

In this economical era, in cities where mostly both the parents are working, either by choice or out of necessity, children are left back without any proper care and support. Looking for a genuine resolution to it externally is quite difficult. However, sometimes you may find one in the form of personal child care or daycare facility. But that alone is not sufficient for the child’s holistic growth; along with thorough care, a child needs a guided early education. Early childhood education has myriad benefits, including better, more equitable long-term outcomes for children. Addressing these predicaments of parents and society, Indiakids Preschool and Daycare is determinedly helping thousands of parents in the holistic development of their child, implementing value system & teaching methodologies based on three core elements Care, Nourish & Growth.

Started in 1999 with an admirable vision to provide a strong education base that would create creative thinkers, responsible global citizens and life-long learners, Indiakids Preschool and Daycare caters to the learning needs of children through its Playgroup, Nursery, KG(Senior & Junior) modules integrated with daycare facility starting from six month infant to child up to age of eleven. Knowing that the early years help build the necessary foundation, Indiakids lays special emphasis on the physical, cognitive,
emotional, social, language, sensory & motor growth for the child’s effective all round learning & development.

Allowing children to learn at their pace, Indiakids encourages children to develop creative thinking and explore on different platforms. Emphasizing mostly on practical learning despite of traditional learning, it instigates the children’s thought process and even involves them in team work and group play. However, every child is different and to build each child’s personality in the early years, a modified learning is provided based on their learning behavior. Owner & the Principal, Ritu Bhatia herself pays an undivided attention to every child enrolled at Indiakids. Addressing the social issues faced by the children, the staff here tracks them and provides a corrective personalized course of action.

Allowing children to learn at their pace, Indiakids encourages children to develop creative thinking and explore in different platforms

Verander Kumar Bhatia, Founder & Head - Operations, Indiakids, asserts, “The first mantra for our staff is to become child, whilst handling children and play the role of an assistant to the child, rather than showing motherly feelings. This brings a unique sense of care & share with the child and a distinct professional attitude in our staff with which they care & nurture the children. Parents do not know how to explain this phenomenon, but they always say, ‘Indiakids’ brings up the children in a unique way.” Thanks to this unique teaching pedagogy that has crowned Indiakids with India’ s Most Trusted Brand (Best Preschool: Mumbai Region) and many more. Further accommodating separate designated sleeping space and providing 24/7 surveillance, healthy & nutritious meals, pick-up & drop facility and periodical medical check-up facility, Indiakids stands closer to the needs of the children through its daycare facility.

Plans Ahead
Whilst many preschools & daycares have mushroomed in India by following some common theories on child care & development, Indiakids, spread over four locations in Powai, inherits the distinct advantage of actual experiment & feel of everything about the children. Putting this abundant knowledge about child care and development into theory for creating systems, growing remarkably YoY, it aspires to expand its network of branches through franchise, and corporate tie-ups in the near future. Indiakids is also looking at raising seed capital soon.