KeyLearning Performance Consultants: Where Programs are Curated to Meet the Consumer Needs

Vijay George Kuruvilla,Founder & Principal Consultant

Vijay George Kuruvilla

Founder & Principal Consultant

Leadership Development programs are structured competency and behavioral interventions that help an aspiring individual to step up to the position of a leader- in his/her own area of influence or in a role that is intended to lead people and key business outcomes. These interventions are often highly curated based upon the competency framework of the organization/segment they work and in the key areas of expertise that is expected.

Established in 2017, KeyLearning Performance Consultants focuses on the core area of Leadership Intent and Impact as the center piece of all its leadership interventions. This ensures that Leadership competencies and architecture are derived through an intentional pursuit of the cognitive and behavioral aspects of the audience. Vijay George Kuruvilla, Founder and Principal Consultant says, "We strongly believe that Leadership Development is not limited to people management skills, and additionally includes dimensions of Operational Agility, Change Adaptability, Resource Access and Strategic thinking.

Since every association, even inside a similar portion of the business, would differ in its kin and capacity, we exploration and minister every intercession that conveys a fit-for-reason and prepared to-raise message. Our centre region of association stays in building the correct Leadership design and culture inside associations, through organized learning encounters, proficient training and concentrated workshops."

All the programs offered by KeyLearning
Performance Consultants are developed according to the needs of the customers. Each are exclusive programs and grouped under three categories. Firstly, the Self Leadership program consists of Coaching, Life Orientation workshops, The Art and Science of Negotiating, Conflict Management and Work-place Skills and Accountability. Secondly, under Leading for Organizational Change program includes Sales Leadership and Business Management, Change Management - Building a new Mindset, Talent Management and Managing Attrition, Growth Strategy Mindset and Planning, Workplace Competence skills and many more. And the third category of the program is Leadership Principles to build Salience at the Workplace which comprises Management Development Programs, Leadership Design and Behaviors, Management Capablity, Situational Leadership and more.

At KeyLearning Performance Consultants they believe that experience instructs that for Leadership activities to be effective, they should be organized with the learning condition, with the idea of the work, and with the work styles and abilities of the group who will 'support' the learning. The institutes run a 3 step pre-intervention diagnostic that narrows the organizational leadership need to the core intent and potential impact. Also, they offer a 3-E model of intervention approach ­ focusing on building Expertise, Experience and Exposure for each of the participants. Before they engage with any client, the institute checks whether they have the intent of taking the learnings of the intervention in terms of Reach, Rigor and Relevance across the organization. If they don't, the KeyLearning Performance Consultants will engage with them to get the buy-in of the same before they proceed. This leads to 100 percent success rates in all that the institute does. Hence are some of the differentiators that make Key-Learning Performance Consultants unique in the industry.

There are various innovative training methodologies followed at KeyLearning Performance Consultants to ensure the best learning outcomes for the participants such as they use all kinds of virtual platforms to connect with their audience. Also, the institute is coming up with its online learning portal. Adding to this, they use innovative engagement online tools like Mentimeter, Slido, Trello, Slack and many others. Vijay asserts, "We have an internal guidance proto-col/document that ensures that all interventions are aligned in quality output, branding and we do not use any content without verifying the authenticity of the source and the royalty and IPR of the content. The assessments that are practised are all globally certified and only facilitators who are officially certified in the major branded interventions and assessments are assigned the relevant programs. We undertake joint and commissioned studies with universities to bring first-in-class content, particularly in the field of psychology, behaviour and valuations.

The institute is planning to go ahead with the plan they have developed to increase affiliate associate network of trainers, who can use the programs after being certified internally. Also, has a future roadmap of building their business setup in newer geographies such as the Middle East.