Leadership Management International: Ensuring World-class Leadership Management Programs

Ashok Thussu,Executive Director

Ashok Thussu

Executive Director

The world has always remained in the awe of effective leaders who have the determination and ability to navigate towards success through the waves of adversities. While many leaders are fashioned with time, only a few are celebrated and appreciated owing to their effective leadership skills and new-age management talents. By maintaining a proper balance between the organizational development and workforce management, the leaders are forged into efficient leaders owing to their commitment towards organizational goals and leading the employees towards a coalescing success.

With a vision of motivating people across the world to their full potential, Leadership Management International (LMI) was brought to India by Dr Hiru Bijlani in 1995 to help people attain success and happiness. Today LMI India is a 40-member team that includes 33 Licensees and 3 associates pan India and over 16000 participants from diverse backgrounds, gained from the LMI programs.

LMI is unique in that it produces visible ROI on the L&D interventions. It has a fully functional leadership development intervention available via its online LMI LEARN platform with live facilitator-led sessions. These online avatars of the powerful LMI leadership programs and transformational programs bring a battle-tested process deployed across the digital world ensuring a positive change and making the LMI programs unique as well as effective.

"Our programs are designed to use the LMI tools to identify and pinpoint the actual mindset issue and the facilitators are trained to build urges in people that culminate
into desire. It is a powerful process that works time and again helping people master the change process and conquer their limitations.

All programs are hosted on the latest LMI LEARN platform with spaced repetition to enhance retention. With live projects which are better than normal outcomes and powerful process battle-tested with millions of participants we also ascertain a powerful and exhaustive set of tools that help participants customize to individual gap areas," states Ashok Thussu, Executive Director, Leadership Management International.

LMI has the total leader concept and this has several layers of development, from addressing a core band of leadership essentials, to personal leadership, to inspiring and connecting and finally strategic dimensions. "The Total Leader approach of LMI is built on 4 levels. The base leadership programs work on the personality attributes, which are behavior related and encompass core leadership competencies.

LMI certified coaches and a growing team at 21 locations in India, in fact with the ONLINE versions available across India, we are well placed to touch lives and make a difference

The second level is of personal leader-ship, which is about developing your character, based on aligning your values, strengths and passion and enhancing who you are from the inside aspects. The third level of LMI's Total leader concept is on Motivational Leadership. The final level of leadership is demand strategic thinking, which helps the people who have reached peak levels of operations and find the going difficult as their thinking is not strategic while leading organizations into the future," quotes Ashok Thussu.

Apart from the 4 powerful programs above which are all available online as well as offline, LMI has recently launched the `Attitude is Everything' program which helps people align their dreams and goals and generate greater focus, inner resolve, the will to do and positivity. This is a pro-gram that is valid from just passed out graduates to people right up to the CEO levels and helps people who are either unclear on what path to take or get plateaued out.

"With the launch of the complete LMI range over the LMI LEARN online platform, the growth of the LMI licensee and coach team is planned for exponential growth as online interactions have become the new norm and have opened out a new expressway to growth. The physical location of our coaches is no longer a constraint and we can now extend out to many more cities to leverage the online advantage. LMI certified coaches and a growing team at 21 locations in India, in fact with the ONLINE versions available across India, we are well placed to touch lives and make a difference," concludes Ashok Thussu.