Alchemy Management Consultancy

Mangesh Kirtane, Chief Mentor,Jayshree Kirtane, Executive Director

Mangesh Kirtane

Chief Mentor

`When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too'- the quote from the book `The Alchemist' by the legendary novelist Paulo Coelho depicts the importance of advancement in our lives as and when required, not only to evolve as a better version of our yesteryears but also to harness success from our surroundings on our terms. When corporate leaders encounter obstacles either due to a personal or professional crisis, they look for guidance from a trusted partner - to put their life back on the track.

One such unique institute, which has stood the test of time owing to its world-class consulting, coaching, training services is Alchemy Management Consultancy. Established in 2003 by Jayshree and Mangesh Kirtane, Alchemy Management Consultancy is headquartered in Pune and caters to individuals, teams and organizations worldwide. Alchemy's strength lies in combining a strong foundation of In-depth Psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming, Coaching principles with well-established frameworks from the modern Management Development workshops and simulations.

Drawing inspiration from the famous book of Paulo Coelho `The Alchemist', Alchemy Management Consultancy was established with a belief that each one of us has an alchemist inside us - whether it is an individual, a small team, a business unit or a large organization. Through our candid conversations, exercises and reflection, the alchemist comes out.

For the alchemist ­ magical property or greatness to come out, we have to go through the process of Awareness, Acceptance, Inspiration, Experimentation and
Implementation. "In practice, we have to work at various levels such as the Outcome level, Action Planning level, Competency Development level, Core Values and Beliefs as well as personal Identity & Vision", says Mangesh Kirtane, Chief Mentor, Alchemy Management Consultancy.

The USP of Alchemy Management Consultancy lies in jointly defining the problem-statement and co-creating the curriculum. This happens through a series of BEI-Behavioural Event Interviews, FGs-Focus Group discussions, and Surveys if necessary. This approach not only builds trust but also helps client system move forward through the Awareness and Acceptance phase.

And clients are happy to experiment when we design a solution with their inputs being heard. Hence it is not, `one size fits all', rather it is, `discovering & designing' the future course of action and then, `delivering the same with enthusiasm'. "Where necessary, we use paper-pencil instruments like MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation), Own Temperament, LOCO Inventory, Thomas Kilmann (Conflict Management) Inventory.

Jayshree Kirtane, Executive Director

Using these tools in combination with other techniques such as Appreciative Dialogue, NLP, Powerful Questioning, Learning Circles, Leadership Round-tables, Role-Plays, Movie/Book Reviews, Live Projects and High-Impact Presentation Skills bring the best possible benefit to our clients. Empathic listening and insightful processing of experiential data coming from client, produces meaningful and effective results for them," states Jayshree Kirtane, Executive Director-Alchemy Management Consultancy.

Started off with Persistent and Compulink in advisory capacity, Alchemy Management Consultancy worked with many big companies such as Tata group, Kotak, LIC, Siemens, Icertis, BMC Software, Glenmark, Microsoft, Forbes, BASF, Bridgestone, Yan Feng, 3I-Infotech, contributing to their leadership development initiatives. Individuals can also benefit from new products such as FLY-Fine-tune the Leader in You, which is a Leadership Program delivered virtually over three months.

`Harnessing the Energy of Change' is yet another program relevant in current times. "Our focus will continue to remain on mid-senior leadership-assessment and coaching, that is how our clients have chosen and identified us in this space," concludes Mangesh Kirtane.