Rainbow International School: Blending Indian Values with Western Educational Techniques for Holistic Development

Akila Balbale,DirectorEvery parent desires virtuous upbringing of their child that reflects in their personality as well as academically. But the question arises – how academically? Rainbow International School is committed to reframe the conversation about the way the children learn. Amalgamating the Indian culture and western learning technologies, Rainbow cherishes the individuality of every child with its educational framework that accentuates academic excellence, exemplary character building and self-discovery. Akila Balbale, Director, Rainbow International School, states, “Keeping pace with every child’s unparalleled depth and scope, the school emphasizes on individual development plan under which assessment, curriculum, teaching style and out-of-hours provisions are designed uniquely”.

Pragmatic Intellect & Sporting Spirit
Established in 2007, Rainbow follows international educational curriculum enhanced with globally acclaimed methodologies that focuses on five developmental areas of children – cognitive, curiosity, confidence, core development and creativity.Among the multiplying numbers of school chains, Rainbow stands apart with its research oriented learning and faith-based-education that scale up its students’ academic graph & character development. Besides providing a safe environment for
children’s free movement, constructive discovery models are used to teach concepts through hands-on learning technique that enhance their social, language and motor skills.

Envisioning making children lifelong learners, Rainbow’s experiential learning methodology is enriched with technologies that help in moulding them into rational personage with a communal perspective

Envisioning making children lifelong learners, Rainbow’s experiential learning methodology is enriched with technologies that help in moulding them into rational person age with a communal perspective. With its pragmatic approach and enhanced technology, Rainbow initiates multilingual learning and integrates academic excellence with moral conduct in students for their holistic development. As CBSE is introducing skill development courses country wide, Rainbow offers ‘Information Technology’ course to its senior students so that they attain best positions in various workplaces. Since intellect is incomplete with out morality, the Social Service Club of Rainbow inculcates moral values, dignity, cultural awareness and the responsibility towards society in the child’s learning process.

Justifying the school’s mission of imparting holistic education, a well-defined sports activity has been weaved into the curriculum. Maintaining equestrian discipline within the school premises, Rainbow has a stable of well-bred horses to provide students the
experience of classic sports like horse riding. Quality physical education instructors identify each child’s sporting qualities and provide special training in every sport to shape them into talented sports persons. Inline with international standards, Rainbow’s infrastructure is substantial for current student body and maintains high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Any noncompliance by the employees’ results in their immediate termination as the school strictly adheres to the safety and security norms for the well being of its stakeholders.

Realizing that increasing peer pressure, outgrown friendships, social disregard and academic negligence by children puts forward a greater challenge for parents now a days ,Rainbow’s staff gives significant advice to themto ensure and uphold the schooling philosophy. Additionally, quality teaching methodology and appointed meetings haul over the need of private tuitions for children. “Knowing a parent’s motivation and addressing it is the beginning of effective marketing and we in our school handle these issues with scientific approach under the guidance of a special educationist,” asserts Akila.

Planning to augment student’s learning, Rainbow International School prospers to provide world-class education culture characterized by globally bench marked campus, outstanding students, path-breaking research and strong partnerships with the industry.