Maria International School: Catalyzing Socio-Economic Change by Educating Under privileged Children

Idnan Asad, Founder

Idnan Asad


Reports state that in a developing country like India, education is perceived as a ‘high priced luxury’ for underprivileged people that deprive their children of schooling, hence the gap continues to widen and the economically advantaged persist to thrive. The condition worsens when the circumstances of the needy obstacle their path of leaning to which they hold back of their choices and carry on with the present situation of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Responding to the state of affairs, IdnanAsad, Founder, of Maria International School (MIS),an IIM Alumnus,took the responsibility to serve the social call by quitting his high paying MNC job and imparting quality education with international standards to the underprivileged rural students.

Tracking Education & Excellence
Like a potter revamps the clay, children need proper direction and super vision to make the first move on their own, which has been the philosophy of MIS, attributing to build students gain competitive edge through practical approach and provide holistic learning environment to help them overcome the challenges of life. Every child of this school
their desire to learn more by taking up tasks that exhibit their practical skills and excellence in the field of science and technology. MIS’ friendly faculties teach with audio, videos, animated contents with smart classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, leading the students to become highly skilled future engineers and scientists, and more importantly, embed discipline and punctuality in the student’s character. The students of MIS have participated enthusiastically in national and international competitions and won numerous awards from Crale, Science Olympiad Foundation and GDS review.

Being the first school to have a research wing for senior students and professionals, MIS provides high end solutions to corporate and government organizations under the name ‘XNet Systems’

This English medium institution prepares kids from nursery to intermediate level, follows CBSE curriculum with a blend of Islamic Education covering Quranic studies, Hadith, Fiqh and Tajweed (registered and protected under Indian IP laws). Being the first school to have a research wing for senior students and professionals, MIS provides high end solutions to corporate and government organizations under the name 'XNet Systems', which acts as a platform to showcase their learning and experiences to further their professional goals. Though it
provides several special courses like Cyber Security, Robotics&IoT, Applied Science stands out as MIS’ flagship offering along with a Science Club that empowers the students’ analytical skills, practical implication and problem solving dexterity. Apprehensive of inculcating cultural values, traditions and social skills in the students, the school organizes regular trips to historical places, sports activities, martial art classes, public speaking events and social camps.Proper healthcare is the priority in the school premises for which clean water and sanitation amenities are under constant watch and regular training programs are conducted to spread awareness regarding the same.

Future Footpath
Following the footsteps of several great leaders, Idnan believes that scientific technology goes parallel to spirituality. “Every child must not only be academically efficient but should also be morally acceptable and serve humanity at large,” he asserts. MIS is setting up a state-of-the-art incubation center for Cyber Security, IoT& Robotics (due-2017). Not only does the school ensure absolute student safety in-house, it also conducts free health check-up program for rural needy people under expert guidance and educate at least 50 students with support of books and uniform cost-free.The school aims to become leader in differentiated education by providing additional learning in new and emerging technologies helping students adopt challenging career opportunities.