EuroKids: Imparting Offering Care & Support to Little Ones & Peace of Mind to Parents

Acknowledging the struggles of modern-day working parents in providing care and attention to their children, EuroKids, one of India’s leading preschool chains, is stressing the corporate daycare solutions, to give a strong early childhood education to future generation and a much required convenience to working parents. Established in 2001 by Prajodh Rajan (Co-Founder & Group CEO), the firm provides customized daycare solutions to corporates and furnishes onsite daycare facility a dedicated daycare center functioning inside the office premises for employees’ kids. While being close to their toddlers, working professionals can fully concentrate on their work at offices. In few cities, it has also launched EuroKids DayCare program in collaboration with partners to furnish nurturing care & support to little ones and peace of mind to parents.

This award winning school is constantly developing a holistic nurturing environment with key focus on child development, security and hygiene and setting up close relationship with parent, thereby transmogrifying preschool into child’s second home where they play, grow and learns essential life skills. Creating home away from home, the preschool & daycare explores the reservoir of talent within the little ones and polishes their personality for overall development.

Emphasizing on ‘child first’ ideology, EuroKids has formulated one-of-its-kind Eunoia curriculum based on mindful practices. Build on three stacks: Awareness (mindful learning), Retention (paced learning) and Action(blended Learning), Eunoia forms the basis of learning and aids toddlers to grasp 21st Century skills with their strong foundation. Apart from Phonics, Maths and Science subjects, this child centric concept deploys contemporary learning practices in form of yoga, music and fitness programs.

Children are also exposed to various digital/offline learning methodologies (games, stories, rhymes, videos, puppet learning, group engagements and special learning kits) as a part of curriculum. This unique merger of modern & traditional
learning practices furnish superlative learning experience and boosts kids’ mind, body and soul, thereby making them a balanced human being. In today’s tech-savvy world every child needs to be a selflearner, and once he/she gains confidence in recognizing letters & writing we introduce them to the wonderful world of eLearning,”adds Prajodh.
Prajodh Rajan,CEO

At EuroKids fun way methods are adopted for mathematics and various group projects are conducted which not only teach children to work in team but also enable them to distinguish, classify,and observe similarities/differences in their day-to-day life Kids are further propelled to take-up painting & collage activities whereas school upholds a dedicated clay art & mounding area, furnishing them to learn by touching and experiment different formations while exposing their creative fore. Hands-on reading and writing for EuroJunior & EuroSenior are encouraged to build a strong reading/writing foundation with their growing age. Recently, the school has introduced an activity kit ‘Happiness Box’ aiding children to begin their preschool journey in a fun & engaging way while furnishing ease of learning & creative freedom.

Creating home away from home, the preschool & daycare explores the reservoir of talent within the little ones and polish their personality for overall development

EuroKids maintains continuous communication with parents via various platforms and follows proper security measures to make sure that every child inside the premise is secure. It connects with parents through an app that showcases entire fun activities, learnings, and fun times, keeping them aware of the typical day at EuroKids. Alongside, parents are made learning partners of their kids under family internship program and invited for all special days and event celebrations. Enriched with such features, EuroKids(1000+ centers PAN India)is looking forward for franchises to expand its presence.