Hello Kids Flamingo: Providing a Joyful Learning Pedagogy for Preschoolers

Dominance of uber parenting in India has led the adults to exploit their receptive youngsters by feeding them with bulk of information, but fail to grab the attention of the wandering minds. Surprisingly, research shows that children participating in performing arts are four times likely to have alluring academics than their non-performing companions. Based on such unique reforms, Hello Kids Flamingo enables the children to learn in a creative way, nurturing quick thinkers and confidant performers by including visual & performing arts in their curriculum. Trupthy Reddy, Founder, Hellokids Flamingo, avers, “We believe in bringing up all-rounders, who can use their five senses effectively by enjoying, exploring and gaining new knowledge.”

Hello Kids Flamingo caters to children of age group 18 months to five years, with integrated study-programs, which is built upon western pedagogy (80 percent of the curriculum is based on Maria Montessori) and gradually shifts to CBSE & ICSC decorum. Trupthy says, “Our syllabus is designed in such a way that our senior KG student learns advanced activities like standard sentence making early on, so they can have an easy transition to their respective formative schools with an upper hand.”

The admission process begins with a primary counseling of the parents & students in presence of Hello Kids Flamingo’s inhouse counselor/psychologist to gauge the process. The parents are also asked to submit a special form to learn the detail about the child’s health and to provide the institution with proper certifications to maintain complete transparency.

Funday Activities
As we know that memory can be enhanced through repetition, the concepts taught in the formal classroom of Hello Kids Flamingo has also been themed in playtime acts to revisit the lessons. The children are engaged with
Trupthy Reddy, Founder
take home activities, thereby updating the parents about the children’s scholastic knowledge and ensuring that the children have a better grip over the concepts. At every month end, it also arranges special events like ‘Dress me up’ parties to better internalize the topics for the students. To ensure the child’s holistic development, Pre schoolers at Hello Kids Flamingo enjoy ‘Funday sports’ where they learn basketball, cricket and four other sports, which is compulsory for every child from playgroup to senior KG. Along with the play area, it has garden patch, which is maintained by its students.

We believe in bringing up all-rounders, who canuse their five senses effectively by enjoying, exploring and gaining new knowledge

Hello Kids Flamingo maintains an impressive 1:5 teacher to student ratio for each class, to keep a close eye on every activity. Apart from the quarterly teacher training(conducted at the head office), Trupthy herself teaches them at the school every month to partake at the ongoing activities and influencing young lives.

The preschool annually conducts an open house for teachers and parents to discuss the student’s portfolio based on nine different areas of their development. Every criterion has 15-20 points, scaled from weak to excellent presenting a clear scan of the child’s needs, be it language, math, creativity or emotional & social development. Trupthy recalls about cases, where the children who happened to lag at regular performances, and suffered from attention deficit disorders like autism and were assigned with a shadow teacher who helped them achieve their developmental millstones. This perfectionism has enabled Hello Kids Flamingo to experience a 20 percent revenue growth annually for the past ten years. Trupthy concludes, “If the trend continues, we will open another centre in the same area soon.”