Dr. Mukta Joshi: Making Campus to Corporate Transition Simpler

 Dr. Mukta Joshi,   FounderCareer counseling is a critical industry gaining a lot of momentum nowadays due to increasing awareness of its benefits for beginning, changing, as well as advancing careers. Counselors help individuals find their skills and passions, guide them through ways to enhance them, and equip career seekers with the tools to help advance their careers by upskilling. However, the evolving business landscape across sectors and increasing competition, today, it is not just technical skills that are assessed but also soft skills that help candidates get an edge over competition. Dr. Mukta Joshi, Founder of M3 - Mukta Mentoring Minds, is a certified soft skill, career awareness and readiness trainer and counsellor, helping students develop the requisite soft skills and leadership qualities that help them successfully transition from campus to corporate life.

“I have completed my Post Graduation in Counselling & Psychotherapy and Public Administration, and have developed expertise in advising and mentoring students, educators, administrators, and parents on a wide range of topics. When I started my career as a counsellor and trainer I found very few were doing any training for campus to corporate transitioning which a lot of students required. l thought about being a head of training and placement since the demand is more and the supply is less”, shares Dr. Mukta Joshi, Founder, Mukta Mentoring Minds.

Specializing in soft skills, interview skills, POSCO speaking, and life skills, Dr. Mukta
has worked with several educational institutions, helping students across army schools, convent schools, polytechnic colleges, and SRM university to excel in their careers. Currently associated with the IIMT Group of Colleges in Greater Noida as the Head Training Management, she helps guide students through interactive sessions, activities, and jam sessions, boosting their confidence in their managerial skills, and more. With the help of a dedicated team composed of Indian Army officers, she is able to methodically conduct personalized sessions and even one-on one conversations with the students as per their unique needs.

Her training programs which are targeted at improving leadership and managerial skills of students are often filled with engaging and learning activities such as elevator pitches, group discussions, and more which help students improve communication skills, learn how to best present their ideas, and how to engage with peers. The army personalities whom Dr. Mukta hires are skilled at decision making, critical thinking, grooming, and soft skills, which help implement practices for imparting mental toughness, zapping pressure, and equipping the upcoming generation with the capacity and tools to face challenges head on. The comprehensive training program is further designed to help individuals enhance their personalities and develop a positive attitude which not only help navigate their professional lives, but also personal lives.

The comprehensive training program is designed to help individuals enhance their personalities

Catering to Evolving Needs

“As a dedicated counsellor, I founded M3: Mukta Mentoring Minds to empower students and young professionals with the essential skills needed for success in the workplace. At M3, we specialize in performance enhancement, stress management, interview skills, resume building, assertiveness, adaptability, and mental wellness. Our expert guidance helps individuals make a smooth transition from campus to corporate, and we are committed to helping each person reach their full potential”, further shares Dr. Mukta.

Dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential by teaching effective communication techniques, time management, priority setting, confidence building, and cultivating a positive outlook, M3 assesses the needs of each individual and creates customized training plans to address specific needs. With a passion to help students transition hassle-free from campus to corporate, M3 is continuously upgrading its techniques to keep up with evolving needs, and with such commitment is on the way to become the preferred counselling partner for educational institutions.