Dr. Neeru Bali : A Driven Career Counselor Aspiring to Promote Quality Education

 Dr. Neeru Bali,   Founder & Director

Dr. Neeru Bali

Founder & Director

In this technology-fed era, quality education is a significant inte-grator of future development and growth. Unfortunately, despite the enormous development that India has made in different fields, one major drawback that still exists is that we have not been able to establish ‘centers of excellence’ in the education field. Still, there are quite a few universities that count among the leaders in Asia, let alone the world. Dr. Neeru Bali, Founder & Director, is a consciously driven personality who realizes this. Being a doctor by profession and having spent a major part of her life caring for ailing humanity, she was dawned on the thought that people need quality education. Especially with rapid growth happening worldwide, predominantly in the 'Information Technology’ field, when disseminating knowledge has become essential for alleviating the masses and backing their progress, it was the inception of Edcosmo Education (a Chandigarh-based education advisory firm) almost eight years back, that she took in this direction.

Dr. Neeru Bali is an experienced & qualified career counselor who brings over six years of experience in the career counseling industry. Venturing on a journey of creating awareness amongst children and their parents to opt for quality education from reputed institutions in India and abroad, she drives results through a combination of a deep understanding of the
individual’s personality, skill-centric insights, and the firm’s experience in the field.

The world is changing at a breakneck speed; options for children today are unfathomable. Each child has an aptitude, aspiration, a dream, and the potential to chase his/her dream. All it needs is nurturing of that aptitude. Many students with great potential are not able to reach the best fit college globally despite being fully capable of doing so. Undoubtedly, there are numerous reasons for this, but the two most important are lack of awareness and lack of proper guidance at right time.

“We at Edcosmo, believe that there are great institutes across the globe. Each institute has its unique study programs and students need to know about each one of these programs. We have detailed discussions with students and parents highlighting the strengths of each program. There are multiple reasons that parents take into consideration before deciding on a country. It is our responsibility to inform them and discuss threadbare so that they can make a considered choice. We have separate experts for each country who take over after the choice has been made”, she adds.

Growth & Future Plans

Edcosmo is passionately involved in evolving itself. In the last four years, Edcosmo has taken major steps to become the most sought after institute for students aspiring for higher education in India and abroad. In this short span, its students have been admitted to top universities globally, including LSE, University College London, UCLA, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, University of Toronto, UBC, and others. Many of these students got scholarships as well. Edcosmo is in the process of actually having an international community of students mentored by it. In not very distant future, there will be Edcosmonians in every top university across every continent of the world. This growing community will act as mentors and anchors for future enrolls.

The firm has several plans in the pipeline which will be implemented in the coming few years. “We have grown vertically, be it providing resources to build students' profiles, a platform for leadership qualities, social entrepreneurship projects, or even investing in education technology. Now we plan to grow horizontally. We have collaborated with schools and plan to tie up with more organizations in the coming times. With collective experience and a vast network, we would like to collaborate with institutes to provide research & internship opportunities for students, and also a platform to promote our business brand”, concludes Dr. Neeru Bali.