Crossmaze: Revamping Early Childhood Education to Foster Creative Thinking in Young Children

Manushree Chaturvedi,  DirectorChildren aged 2-4 can get early childhood education at a preschool, which is a place of learning. Preschools are a crucial component of the educational system because, throughout the first four years of life, children develop the fundamental cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills that set them up for success in school and in life as a whole. Preschools can be run on a public or private basis, and they are divided into flexibility day care and after care categories. The Indian preschool market is anticipated to increase by $957.86 million between 2022 and 2026, with a CAGR of 9.57 percent predicted for the forecast period. In order to make a difference in the preschooling of young brains, Manushree built Crossmaze when it first opened its doors in 2018. Manushree placed a strong emphasis on innovative, unconventional, and engaging teaching strategies that help pupils comprehend subjects easily and amusingly.

The Genesis
Crossmaze believes that education should always be centred on the child’s whole development. Academics and discipline are equally valued here, with the utmost importance being given to a setting that fosters the cohesiveness of values culture manners and behavioural development that allows for the holistic development of children. Children at Crossmaze practice selfcontrol, and participate in a variety of games and role plays to foster empathy, sympathy, etiquette and values, which gradually translate into their behaviour and attitude.

The Crossmaze team is made up of committed educators with years of professional experience in the field of education. “Our learning and education
program is designed to eliminate the achievement gap and encourage every student to become equally successful. As we understand it, high quality pre-schooling is the first step towards the growth and development of children. A strong positive selfimage is the most decisive factor for success,” shares Manushree, Director, Crossmaze. Pupils receive constant encouragement from teachers in order to develop a positive sense of themselves, which in turn helps them develop confidence.

Our learning and education program is designed to eliminate the achievement gap and encourage every student to become equally successful

Curriculum and other Offerings
“Crossmaze is a value driven organization, and our values are reflected in every action. Integrity is our core fundamental value, which drives us to achieve excellence in everything we do. We are committed to providing the most transparent experience for our parents. This will enable them to have complete peace of mind when they leave their little ones at our centres for their learning”, further adds Manushree.

Crossmaze offers a comprehensive curriculum that gives young students an engaging learning experience. They use technology to give parents regular information on their child’s progress and also help students get into K12 schools, where they can enrol after finishing their preschool experience. The school offers multiple programs based on the child’s age including Play Group (Age:2 to 3 years), Nursery (Age 3 to 4 years), Junior KG (Age 4 to 5 years), and Senior KG (Age 5 to 6 years).

Crossmaze emphasizes high quality education while also introducing cutting-edge culture and educational framework. Crossmaze creates a space and setting that promotes kids’ exposure, creativity, and critical thinking. By providing educators with pedagogical training, Crossmaze continuously improves its learning strategy. Their Centres adopt a hands-on, Montessori based, role playing, and activity based learning strategy for young minds which helps children’s imagination and creativity grow. Yoga, dancing, music, karate, and sports are just a few of the things that Crossmaze introduced to children for their physical and mental growth. With such unique offerings, Crossmaze is revolutionizing Preschool education in India.