Global Montessori Centre & Play Home: Committed to Nurturing Children to Leverage their Maximum Potential

 Sheela Kumar,  Director

Sheela Kumar


Early childhood education has many benefits and there is the potential for many significant outcomes if universal preschools were put into place. It is in preschool that children learn the necessary skills needed to succeed in school and life. With high quality preschools and qualified teachers, the possibilities are endless. The Indian preschool /childcare sector is anticipated to be driven by factors such as rising parental interest in early childhood education and treatment, a growing working women population, and rising educational expenditures. The growth of nuclear families, preschools in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and corporate and private tie-ups are likely to boost the global preschool market. Like other cities around the corner, Bangalore has many pre-schools that help in preparing the child for their future.

Mentored by NPS Group, Global Montessori Center and Play Home (GMCPH) was established in 2017, by Sheela Kumar to provide new parents with a place where their kids could flourish and grow and to foster a child’s independence, social grace, inner discipline, and joy. A joyful environment where children are educated prepares them not just for school but for life. It fosters hands-on learning, self-directed activity and self-motivated growth for all the children and its programs are designed to promote a love for learning. “We offer our children holistic opportunities that help them care for themselves and the world around them. We nudge them to think out of the box and aid them to step into the world as confident,caring,responsible, and empathetic citizens with a lifelong love for learning”, speaks Sheela Kumar, Director, GMCPH.

GMCPH offers a structured Montessori program developed by experienced teachers that offers children a well rounded exposure to exercises of practical life, sensorial, math, language, science and culture. Their program goes above and beyond the curriculum that other preschools offer.Along with these formal courses, GMCPH teaches fundamental behaviors like proper table manners and grooming as a whole. The institute recognized the need of physical activity especially during the pandemic and so it has many opportunities that allow physical development along with cognitive development. GMCPH offers agility training and sports in association with Funtura Sports, where children are taught a different sport each month in an age appropriate way. The institute also has music with Robin and team on Wednesdays as music and singing helps to develop the language center of the brain and forms the basis of literacy skills, as well as basic mathematical concepts such as counting.

Unlike schools that make the admission process tedious and stressful for parents, GMCPH is always open to parents to visit school tours with a prior appointment

GMPCH spans over an area of 14000 square feet and has a dedicated play area and sand pit spanning over 2000 square feet area. The institute has always been at the forefront when it comes to providing top-notch early childhood education. Its curriculum was developed by seasoned and experienced Montessorians who have assisted generations of preschoolers transition into formal schooling with self assurance and independence. They assess students daily, by observing the individual and group activities of every child. Every aspect of the preschool program incorporates and upholds the ideals established by Dr Montessori.

Plan Ahead
Unlike schools that make the admission process tedious and stressful for parents, GMCPH is always open to parents to visit school tours with a prior appointment. It offers rolling admissions throughout the year for children of the age group 1.8 to 6. “We are delighted to say that we are currently 100+ strong with four environments, having started 2017 as a standalone Montessori with only one environment. Thanks to the recommendations, endorsements, and assistance of our parents, Global Montessori has expanded naturally. This demonstrates their confidence in the caliber of instruction offered and how every child has discovered a nurturing and secure atmosphere here”, signs off Sheela Kumar.