MathsOne Academy: Providing Learner Centric Practical Education for Mathematical Understanding

Prof. Biji Kumar R,Founder & CEO

Prof. Biji Kumar R

Founder & CEO

Rising ambitions amidst the falling quality of academic system have become a treat for numerous mom-and-pop coaching centers and home tutors. Millions of families spend handsome fee to hire additional tutorial mentors for their child to achieve fast track examination oriented results. While this practice has become a shadow of mainstream education providing basic conceptual guidance, Biji Kumar R (Founder & CEO, MathsOne Academy – Mathematics Expert Coaching Centre for CBSE) when researching on Neuro Science developed an inimitable ‘mind mapping technology’ wherein effective training is based on the proper registration of principles in the brain. He asserts, “MathsOne was incepted in 2017 with a vision to eradicate deficiencies in the existing academic system, following a learner centric approach. We believe in minimum teaching & maximum learning to enable students discuss, debate & deliberate topics”.

Mathematical Concepts in Real-time Frame
While other coaching centers adopts methods to help students clear just their board exams, MathsOne takes a step ahead by training them to appear in any competitive examinations and clear it in big numbers. Besides, MathsOne is developing in-house content for CBSE Mathematics curriculum using mind mapping technology,
giving more importance on physical training and digital content to create scope for students to read, understand, visualize, imagine and store. MathsOne teaching module is best in the industry since every mathematical principle is connected with its real time application, stories and examples. This helps students understand fundamental principles; the importance of fundamental units is specially emphasized upon to enhance problem solving capability. “We identify the real skills and potential of the students in the 6th standard itself and help them to identify the primary personality, motivator and passion which help them to progress in their career as per their brain format as well as ensures the retraining of left brain (storehouse for mathematics & language) accurately and develop holistically,” states Prof. Biji.

MathsOne teaching module is best in the industry since every mathematical principle is connected with its real time application, stories and examples

Instead of killing time in visual media that drain memory, students at MathsOne concentrate on learning mathematical tips & ticks, crosswords, reverse spell checks & mathematical games to improvise the potential capacity of the memory. This Neuro science research based activity results in the development of emotional intelligence, concentration & observation skills. An active, associative, fun oriented and practical learning methodology is followed throughout while also conducting puzzle solving activities in each class to develop critical, analytical & creative thinking skills. The
academy is also equipped with Math Labs, mathematical equipments, models and smart classrooms wherein two faculty experts, a mathematician & an engineer, volunteer each batch. At MathsOne, student talk, breathe and live mathematics throughout; for instance, the clock ticks time as sin 90, cosec 30 instead of one, two, which rather gives a more practical brush with maths.

Calculative Footsteps for Future
While this ISO 9000:2015 certified academy has its R&D center regionally in Kerala, it aspires to have PAN India presence by establishing 100 centers until 2025. MathsOne is rising organically along with a plan to launch its in-house CBSE curriculum content that will be available in materialistic and digital format. Alongside, there will be mathematicians available to teach the students individually at home online.

Key Management:
Brij Kumar T, Founder & CEO
A master of Computer Science, Mathematics and Neuroscience, Biji takes immense pride in contributing lot of innovative things in academics as well as industry.

Prof.Shana.L, Managing Director & COO
A prodigy in Mathematics, Prof. Shana has the practical and application knowledge to interact and imprint in the students minds any principles/techniques intelligently connecting relevant stories, examples and applications represented with mind mapping methods.

Location: Trivandrum (Parassala), Kerala
Courses Offered:
• Classes 6 to 10 (IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE)
• Plus One and Plus Two (IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE)