Globetrotters Kids: Fostering Growth and Inspiring Curiosity

Sarittha Arakkal,  Founder & Director

Sarittha Arakkal

Founder & Director

Preschools are an essential part of the education system since, in the first four years of age, children acquire the basic cognitive, physical, social, and emotional capabilities that prepare them for later success in school and life. The growth of the Indian preschool market is driven primarily by factors such as rising parent awareness for early childhood education and care, coupled with the rising number of nuclear families and working women in the country. A genuinely international preschool with Finnish collaboration, Globetrotters Kids ensures a unique and distinctive learning curve for every child and grooms young minds giving children the required exposure to the world's latest and renowned practices in early education.

The biggest challenge preschools face today is the need for better trainers and training material in India that can help teachers understand how to work effectively with tools that have been developed, especially for young minds. To build a school with an international curriculum, which also instilled Indian values and reinforced Indian culture, Sarittha Arakkal started Globetrotters Kids with a vision to change preschool education. Globetrotters Kids’ curriculum emphasizes Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication skills. Along with Literacy and Numeracy skills it also encourages social and emotional development in children."Globetrotters Kids instills Indian values while our approach is International providing holistic education, Inclusiveness, leadership and parent partnership”, speaks Sarittha Arakkal, Founder & Director.

Balancing Academics and Meaningful Play
Globetrotters Kids follows an integrated Indian and Finnish curriculum which is child centric in approach to develop every child
holistically to become a thinking individual. The essence of its curriculum involves Portfolio Learning Project and Evidence based learning, STEAM education Inquiry and dialogue based science activities, Educator and Parent App For seamless learning experience Extra Curricular Activities Introduction to art education, music, and dance. The focus is mainly on the critical domains of a child's development Physical, Language, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Self help and Adaptive evolution. In line with NEP 2020 guidelines for early education, the curriculum is adapted to ensure that all the elements are implemented. The Pedagogical Management Software helps to build the child's learning portfolios, guaranteeing holistic learning. At globetrotters kids, Annual Day, Sports Day, and cultural celebrations are conducted annually to help children gain various skills, experience and confidence that help develops their personality. "Globetrotters Kids provides a stimulating learning environment through their thematically based lessons and the effective use of technology, encouraging creativity and curiosity", speaks Sarittha.

Globetrotters Kids Pre School aims to groom young minds with an International curriculum, quality infrastructure, and the latest teaching technologies

Globetrotters Kids has international collaborations helping it to implement the curriculum based on the world's leading research and best practices. With automatically generated portfolios reports and statistics, it can demonstrate children's learning journey and progress in the curriculum. International curriculum developers train the teachers in Portfolio Learning and STEAM Education, which follows strict audits and checks to maintain consistency. Globetrotters has implemented the latest technology and tools like Smartboards and Flashcards to ensure children learn in a playful environment. With its Educator and Parent app, parents are involved and engaged in the child's learning and care. Based on the need basis and assessment, it provides scholarships to ensure that children get an opportunity for early education.

Globetrotters Kids Pre School aims to groom young minds with an International curriculum, quality infrastructure, and the latest teaching technologies. And to strive relentlessly to provide International standard early childhood education in a joyful, nurturing and safe learning environment.