IIT Hyderabad Encourages Girl School Students to Choose Career in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

SI TeamIndian Institute of Technology Hyderabad motivates girl students to take up career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM). ‘Vigyan Jyothi’,a two week Residential training Programme has been hosted by IIT Hyderabad to give the right exposure needed for girl students to choose various careers in STEM.

The program also deals with mental and physical fitness, emotional resilience, personal
health and hygiene and most importantly, exposure. Around 35 girl students of class XI are currently taking part in this program which is at IIT Hyderabad campus starting from 12th May, 2018 to 29th May, 2018. Students would be taken to various laboratories such as 3D printing, robotics, tinkerer’s, materials science, physics, chemistry and others and they’ll be taken on a heritage tour as well to Qutab Shahi, Golconda and museums. Vigyan Jyothi knowledge centre aims to look into coaching, mentorship interaction with role models with equality in participation of girls in Higher Education and careers in STEM. Several activities like lectures, seminars, lab visits, hands on sessions, do and discover, business quiz, students outing, personality development, yoga and much more.

Commenting on the program, Ms. Himani Agrawal, Program Manager, Amazon India, says, “It’s good to know that institutes like IIT are acknowledging the challenges women face and are taking steps to soothe their endeavours towards rewarding career options in STEM. Vigyan Jyoti knowledge Centre residential program organised by IIT Hyderabad is a promising initiative, designed to provide motivation, vision and guidance to girls early on, so they can pursue their dreams and contribute to the growth of our society. I am happy to be associated with this program and do my bit in this direction”.