Beat the exam fever with these stress-buster tips by Apollo's expert

SI TeamStress is an irrefutable part of every person’s life today. From adults to children, today more and more people are being diagnosed with stress-related disorders with WHO statistics placing the number as high as 1 in 10 people worldwide. During the academic phase of life, one of the biggest causes of stress is exams. In India, the situation is so bad that each year many students overburdened by the syllabus and terrified of failure, end up taking their own lives. The unforgiving competitive race to succeed and societal expectations from a student to be an all-around topper perpetuates this stress which in extreme cases can lead to mental breakdown.

To address this issue,Dr. Ekta Soni, Chief Clinical Psychologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi highlights dos-and-don'ts for parents as well as children to keep in mind to beat the exam stress and fever.

Every student who aims to become a high-achiever will experience exam stress. It’s an unavoidable part of student life that can be a tough nut to crack. Remember, stress exists for a reason and you can choose to let it be your downfall or use it to drive you to improve your work. To combat exam stress, firstly you need to understand the reasons behind this heightened anxiety. Then you can establish methods to reduce the pressures you feel. Researchers have uncovered some common explanations for this:

•Low motivation levels
•Lack of preparation and planning
•High expectations from others
•Competition from peers

The difference between a student who allows stress to overwhelm them and some one who uses it to push them harder is what they do when they are facing that brick wall mid-study. Admirable students will pause, reflect and choose a path that will help them overcome the impasse, not just wait for the wave to engulf them. Outlined below are some unexpected ways that you can put those negative feelings to one side and concentrate on your learning goals. If you’re not stuck for inspiration at this moment (maybe you’re procrastinating by reading this?), you may be looking for this advice before your exams so take note!
It is that time of the year when exams are approaching and stressed-out students are poring over their books. The trick is to relax and revise. Stressing out will only work against you. Here are a few ways to beat exam anxiety.

1. Start with embracing a positive attitude. There is no way to avoid an exam. If you let negative thoughts reign your mind, you will find it difficult to succeed. No one can encourage you more than your self.

2.Set up a routine and follow it through. Wake up early to get more time during the day. Make a small to-do list and abide by it.

3. A change in the place of study helps.Try to find a few different study spots that you feel comfortable and productive in. The more bored or distracted you are by your environment, the harder it is to focus on your books.

4.Get enough sleep- One of the most common compromises that students tend to make during this stressful period is sleep. You need your eight-hours now more than any other time of the year. A well-rested body and mind will grasp information more easily.

5.Eat healthy and follow a balanced diet-Eat fresh, whole foods whenever possible and drink lots of water. Avoid sugary, processed snacks, which will spike your blood sugar and make you feel sluggish.

6.Everybody has that one friend who talks about how he has been studying for 20 hours. It is not the duration that matters. It is the quality. If you finish the same number of chapters in a shorter period time, you are the winner.

7. It is always easy to study the stuff that you already feel comfortable with when you should really be tackling the tougher parts that you aren’t so familiar with.Mock testsare a great way to not only test your current knowledge but will help to identify the areas that need more focus.

8. It is important to revise. If you have already covered your portions, take time out to revise. But don’t overdo it. Go slow and don’t keep revising the same thing over and over again. If you have revised a chapter ample number of times, take a break and chill out. Don’t be afraid of feeling confident.

9.Take a stroll after long study hours. Go out in the open and take in some fresh air. A walk in a park, by the lakeside relaxes the mind and body. Take a friend along if you want, but don’t talk about exams and don’t discuss chapters during this leisurely stroll.

10.Exercise to beat stress. Include a 30-minute workout into your daily routine. This will help you to concentrate better while studying.

11.Do not compare your child’s performance with other children’s achievements - Every parent wants the best for their child. But in ‘wanting’ the best, parents sometimes end up ‘demanding’ the impossible from their children. Unrealistically high expectations plus unnecessary comparison of your child’s performance with his/her peers creates an unhealthy situation which can lead to several negative consequences. This adds another dimension to the stress that the child is already feeling about the approaching exams. Comparison and pressure to succeed creates a situation which can push your children to seek extreme solutions to deal with their stress. While promoting healthy competition, between siblings or peers, provides positive reinforcement, it must be done without creating pressure on the child