World Gold Council & MMTC- PAMP Collaboratively Launch PMATI, Assayers Training Institute

Si TeamThe World Gold Council & MMTC-PAMP India collaboratively inaugurated the ‘Precious Metals Assays and Training Institute’ (PMATI) for developing new generation skilled assayers through world-class training facility that will instigate assaying as a certified qualification and career in India from December 2018. This will direct the enhancement of integrity of gold and the standardization of best practices at precious metals industry.

In present times, industry norms suggest learning on job within and organized market where most assayers are trained in non-standardized manner, a matter of concern for the industry. Keeping this in view, industry bodies have come together to form a non-profit institute that will bring forward the untapped potential and capabilities to the Indian Gold Industry. Qualified assayers who are professionally trained can verify the purity of gold (in ornaments, coins, bars) through a vigorous, highly technical process by employing ample knowledge, adhered to high standard of professional conduct.
This is, after all, the most sought-after skills in gold industry. Commenting on the occasion, Aram Shishmanian, CEO, World Gold Council speaks, “As leaders of the industry, we have the responsibility to ensure the gold’s integrity & reputation, the institution will give customers and investors confidence in the product they buy and create a cadre of talented and qualified assayers, who will pave the way to eliminating under -caratage in gold . PMATI will play a key role in improving trust and transparency in Indian Gold Market.”

“Making world class products in a world class way is our core philosophy at MMTC-PAMI. India is witnessing significant innovation in how consumers engage with gold. It is imperative that customers receive the highest purity and complete traceability of metal. We are committed as an instituton to build infrastructure that allows every customer assurance of both quality and source of metal. The precious metal assay institute is a step in this direction and is supported by all major industry bodies,” explains Arjun Raychaudhuri, Managing Director, MMTC-PAMI.

PMATI is supported by all lading trade association in India including India Bullion Jewellers Association (IBJA), Gem & Jewellery Promotion Export Council (GJEPC), Bullion Federation of India (BFI), All India Gem & Jewellers Council (GJC), Indian Association of Hallmarking Centre (IAHC) and Association of Gold Refineries and Mints (AGRM).