• Chitrakoota Kaushalya School: Transcending Knowledge Through Skill
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    Chitrakoota Kaushalya School: Transcending Knowledge Through Skill

    The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. It is the key towards the betterment of the society”, said Maria Montessori, the famous Italian physician and educator. This is very much true in today’s education scenario, as it is very much necessary to impart students with life values along with proper academic concepts to succeed in life. Doing exactly this is Chitrakoota Kaushalya School. Bangalore is among the leading education hubs in India, and there are a vast number of educational institutions in the city. However, what makes Chitrakoota Kaushalya stand-out among the crowd is the 360-degree approach which does not focus only on education, but the concept of holistic learning, which brings-out the very best in each...


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