Quest Systems: Channeling Individuals toward Success

Muthuswamy N, OwnerToday, in the time of globalization, when there are myriads of career options, it is normal that novice students get lost in those options. It is no exaggeration that career decisions after class 10 are complex and confusing for both students and parents. However, this confusion could easily be clarified with the help of career counselling/guidance, which can provide them the clarity on the future roadmap, thus saving costs, reducing stress and leading to growth & happiness. Offering the best career assessment & counselling to the students in an accurate & unique way is Quest Systems, a Baroda-based general management consultancy firm. Having over five decades of industry experience, the firm excels at providing right guidance at the right stage for the right questions, to the students who are in ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th standard.

Simplifying Complexities
As one of India’s leading career counselling organizations, Quest strives hard to discover the hidden talents of the students and enables them to avoid the future career misfits. To do so, Quest has built a unique Test Battery QuTest, which comprises of 55 unique parameters, including interest, aptitude, personality, temperament, individual’s expectation, convincing ability and more, to determine the student’s areas of strength & development, hence making it
easy for them to choose the most suitable career.

Qu Test is a simple yet user friendly online-based assessment platform that is available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Arabic, Marathi and several others. The test can be taken individually at home or in a batch of 25 students at a time, which is administered by the Quest team. The assessment is backed by a comprehensive report generated almost immediately after the assessment is completed. Its software program assesses the 55 parameters and matches it with Quest’s massive database of over 232 careers and sorts them in descending order with respect to the best career match for the student. The report puts the careers in three brackets: Careers with topmost success rate (Priority-1), Careers where the students have the capability but have no interest (Priority-2), and Careers which are not recommended to the students (Priority-3). This method helps counselors to focus on the relevant career options and be more specific while guiding the clients. Besides, it helps parents and students to get rid of the dilemma of the right career selection.

Quest strives hard to discover the hidden talents of the students and enables them to avoid the future career misfits

In today’s competitive world, personality is the very first thing that gets noticed and sets the standards of an individual. Hence, it plays a vital role in the career counselling program. However, very few counselling firms deal with the personality factor and Quest is one of them. It doesn’t just point-out the blocks, but helps students to remove their personality blocks through a simple, patented method of mental block removal. “We have also been highly successful in guiding dyslexic students. With excellent track record, we have been employed as career counselor by Maharashtra Dyslexia Association,”asserts Muthuswamy N, Owner, Quest Systems.

Counting client’s feedback as the cornerstone of the utmost quality of its services, Quest updates & upgrades its services regularly to fulfill the everchanging needs of its clients. With such dedication, the firm has received various positive feedbacks and it values them as the true achievement for the organization. Quest’s services have been implemented by organizations for over 25 years, covering thousands of employees, new recruits and more than 1.25 lakh students for career guidance. In the coming future, the firm aims to keep continuing its good work of finding the hidden potential of the future generation.