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Chander Gaurrav Setia,  FounderThere is no manual to living the perfect life, and one must learn to traverse through various stages of life on their own. While every juncture of life throws its own set of challenges, the journey becomes easier when we enlist the help of professionals to guide us through life's difficult phases. Moments in box Eduventures, a certified counselling and coaching services company, is striving to become the guiding light that leads its clients out of murky waters at various stages of life.

Headquartered in Lucknow, this ISO 9001:2015 certified organization provides multidimensional counselling services across the spectrum of all age groups. Helmed by Chander Gaurrav Setia, an educationalist and social development enthusiast who not only acquired new learning and knowledge but also built a career in reaching out to individuals to help them discover their innate talent and intelligences, which go far beyond what one acquires and often modifies over a period of time. Having built an ecosystem of holistic counselling services with expertise in admission mentorship and guidance programs, Moments in box caters to everyone's needs, be it the parent of a two month old, two year old, a young individual or a 73-year old.

Supporting Clients through Every Challenge
Decision making is one of the most critical aspects of one's life, and it hardly ever is a cakewalk. People often struggle with understanding their own strengths & weaknesses, and analyzing & picking-out the best career alternatives in a logical manner. Other personal challenges that people have to deal with are ensuring growth in future, self evaluation & finding inner strengths, and professional areas to focus on in the future. Armed with a team of experts, Moments inbox is capable of guiding clients through challenges pertaining to post retirement career plans, overcoming an individual's phobia, stress management (flexibility, stress tolerance, optimism), self perception (self regard, self actualization, emotional self awareness), self expression (emotional expression, assertiveness, independence), interpersonal (interpersonal relationships, empathy, social responsibility) and decision making (problem solving, reality testing, impulse control).

Although there is still a dearth of understanding the true potential of counselling services, Chander and team Moments inbox is working hard to make people understand the true value that these services bring into their lives. "Irrespective of the challenges faced by us, we ensure that each individual is provided with an opportunity to discover their innate talent,
inborn potential and help them explore, discover and clarify ways of living that are more satisfying and resourceful, at any given learning & communication style, leadership and management age of life," explains Chander.

Approach to Sound Assessment
Moments inbox undertakes a 360 degree approach, which includes scientifically discovering innate abilities and intelligence of individuals through Unique Neural Intelligence Quantification(UNIQ), one of the world's most scientifically advanced tools. UNIQ also helps identify other factors such as innate inborn personality. The results are then mapped with acquired knowledge through psychometric testing to conclude the process with a counselling session. "We further dwell into the aspects of their subconscious mind through the technique of NeuroLinguistic Programming(NLP),"narrates Chander.

Moments in Box undertakes a 360 degree approach, which includes scientifically discovering innate abilities and intelligence of individuals through Unique Neural Intelligence Quantification

Alongside, Momentsinbox also introduces the world's most advanced Psychometrics platforms based on testing for mapping personality, attitudes, matching the individual's profile with various occupations and pinpointing the most suitable profession that aligns with their personality, among others. As part of its services catering to adults, the firm leverages EQi, the world's first and most scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment test created by Dr. Reuven BarOn, the pioneer in EI testing who coined the word `Emotional Quotient'. Having been in use since 1997, EQi helps measure the interaction between a person and his/her own environment, then presents results in both numerical and graphical format. A true proponent of 'what can be measured, can be improved', Chander has ensured that every modern analysis technique is employed by Moments inbox to help its clients make the right decisions at every juncture in life.

Moving Up & Beyond
In order to reach greater heights, every structure requires a strong foundation. Similarly, Momentsinbox's success sits a top Chander's dedication and perseverance. While at cross roads in his professional life, Chander's quest for answers about his own purpose in life led him across continents till he found his mission and peace in life. Consequently, he founded Momentsinbox in 2016.

In order to ensure the highest quality counselling services, Momentsinbox has brought together a team that boasts of various certifications such as Internationally Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant ADRC, Singapore; Diploma in NLP Approved by ABNLP; Advance Diploma in NLP Approved by ICF; NLP Practitioner Approved by ABNLP; Certified Leadership and Executive Coach Approved by ICF, and Certified Wellness Coach Approved by ICF.

Having grown YoY 4x in 2018-19, the firm aims to clock-in Rs.3 crore revenue in 2019-20. Momentsinbox is soon going to be conducting application based programs for individuals that would provide users with insights and workable solutions towards the experiences in their current context of life.

Key Management

Chander Gaurrav Setia, Founder
An educationist keen on creating an ecosystem for holistic career guidance and coaching, Chander believes that `what can be measured, can be improved'. A social development enthusiast, he has been the guiding light behind Moments inbox's gradual rise in the counselling industry.

Offerings: Career Counselling, Counselling & Coaching for Working Professionals, Counselling for Play Group Children, Post Retirement Counselling, Counselling for Budding Entrepreneurs, College Admission Assistance, & School Counselling Services

Office: Lucknow