Tucareers: Searching the Right Job, Education & Skills across Individual's Lifetime

Mohit Bhatnagar,  FounderAn individual’s career is one of the most impactful part of his/her life and therefore requires ample due diligence before picking a certain direction to go in. However, youth in our country are not well equipped to take these life defining choices. While some listen to peers, some depend on parental advice and a handful follows their instincts; neither of which guarantees the right career decisions. The missing piece of this highly complex decision making puzzle is research backed advice based on assessment of individuals on various parameters. Tucareers, a provider of accurate and research based career assessments and counselling, is doing just that. Leveraging world’s largest occupational database O*NET, this Lucknow based organization has developed a global framework that helps school & college students, and working professionals make the right career decisions. “O*NET has been validated by a research paper published in the journal from International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, the nodal body globally for counselling,” explains Mohit Bhatnagar, Founder, Tucareers.

The heart and mind behind the ambitious venture, Mohit has completed his doctorate from IIM Lucknow in the field of career decision making, in a multidisciplinary research involving career decision making, HR and decision sciences. Leveraging his education, Mohit has built a one-of-a-kind framework that works across an individual’s lifetime and emerging needs with customized solutions for different segments.
Leveraging standardized and well researched psychological tests, Tucareers’ career assessment checks a wide set of psychological and behavioural traits and further renders recommendations made based on actual data collected from people working in similar careers. Users thus receive highly accurate results with several associated decisions such as courses to pursue and skills to build.

“We provide counsellors and users with a career toolbox, which includes a wide gamut of test needed by individuals as they take control of their careers, instead of looking for guidance from organization or management,” explains Mohit. Tucareers also ensures that its recommendations are mapped to global career standards and align to national and international future industry trends.

Counselling Solutions for Students & Industry
Adopting a pertinent B2B approach, Tucareers’ assessments for school students are being used by independent counsellors and counselling organizations. The firm has also launched a new solution through which Tucareers conducts workshops, where career decision makers (typically first year MBA) are informed about what factors to consider for a good career decision and new career paradigms. It further helps them discover their fitment in specific roles and also aids them while choosing electives and specializations more wisely. Having been adopted and used by multiple top 50 MBA colleges which includes IIMs, Symbiosis, MET and Jaipuria, among others, the solution is now being extended to engineering colleges as well.

Tucareers has also launched Role.Fit, a solution targeted for fitment evaluation across the life cycle of the employee from hiring, evaluation for internal job postings as well as outplacement services. The solution was used by top-5 IT services companies for guiding and evaluating senior management personal in a post merger scenario. Focused on delivering online assessments for working professionals, Tucareers has been working on a joint go-to-market initiative with a global IT leader and is also establishing collaborations with consulting organizations and recruitment firms to take its career assessments and workforce analytics solution to the industry.

“An emerging need in India is to help kids with learning difficulties and other disabilities,” says Mohit. To this end, Tucareers has launched a career assessment which considers these disabilities. The firm has also developed an assessment which can determine the maladjustment behaviors among student and staff in schools. Recently, it has developed an AI and machine learning based resume, social media and LinkedIn profile evaluation service which works on audio or text to predict role wise evaluations. The debt free organization now intends to become
the leading career assessment IP provider in India and internationally.