Brain Checker: Putting Students on the Right Career Trajectory

Dr. Ashwin Raje, Co-Founder & President

Dr. Ashwin Raje

Co-Founder & President

At every stage of our growth journey, we have role played from being an engineer, a doctor, a pilot, to a teacher. But today's career options aren't limited to these, which is why many students and parents aren't fully aware of the number of careers and even the scope they have (Ambiguity). While most of them make decisions based on preconceived notion and insufficient data (Bias), those who shortlist few career options are Confused on what to choose. Hence, they lack Decisive Vision, i.e. no action plan/roadmap. "We call this as ABCD problem, which stands for Ambiguity, Bias, Confusion and lack of Decisive Vision," asserts Dr. Ashwin Raje, Co-Founder & President, Brain Checker.

As one of India'sleading career counselling companies, Brain Checker evaluates the child, evaluates his/her competency, matches it to a group of matching careers and helps them make informed career decision. Once the child and his/her parent zero-in on a smart career choice, Brain Checker then prepares a road map and action plan to ensure that the child's dream is realized via step-by-step planning.

The True Career Partner
Brain Checker's collaboration with 100+ premium partners, 650+ certified counsellors and operations spread across 23 Indian states help put students on the right career trajectory. Currently operational in India and Nepal with 250+ CBSE and ICSE school tieups across India, the company has served over five lakh students since 2012.
Profoundly known as an innovator, Brain Checker's robust team consists of over 40 PhD experts on its consulting panel, who play a major role in making and designing new age psychological tools to help students make informed career choices. The company's franchises comprise of highly qualified individuals who are alumnus of IITs, IIMs, and BITS Pilani, along with Company Secretaries, Dentist, Paediatricians, and others.

"We work on several projects which are launched through our Franchise Network, designed keeping in mind the changing market dynamics. One of our core beliefs is to be a More for Less strategic player," asserts Keya Raje, Co-Founder & VP, Brain Checker. The company's products are extremely price effective and add sustained value to the student's overall educational lifespan, thus tasting success in rural and urban markets in India.

One of our core beliefs is to be a More for Less strategic player

Brain Checker currently has six unique products, namely Multiple In telligence Test (MIT for preteens and their parents to identify the innate talent and convert into his/her career), Caliber Intelligence Quotient Test (CIQT India's first Indianised IQ Test designed for rural markets that's implemented in 13 different languages and provides a holistic 200 Career Cross Comparative Evaluation of the student's fitment), Psychometric Assessment(advanced CIQT for the urban lots), Brain Stamina (a Cognitive Brain Development Program designed for kids), Brain Checker Unleash Program (a goal oriented step by step designed for assisting students planning to pursue career outside India), and Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test (B.E.S.T) which helps students choose amongst 100+ Engineering options. "We work closely with students over the period of 1-2 years, enabling them to build their resume along with the re-quired GRE, GMAT or TOEFL score to secure admission in the most prestigious universities across the world," explains Dr. Ashwin.

Every product is designed using psychological tools and assessment techniques apart from keeping in mind the ultimate need of the parent to guide their child towards optimum career. The company maintains 95 percent accuracy & consistency on all the reports counselled till date, as these reports are created by a dedicated analyst team who ensures that every report is scrutinized at least thrice before for warding to the certified counsellor. Brain Checker is currently working on four new products and looks to expand its premium partnership model to around 500 and increase the student serving capacity to two lakh per year by 2021.