3RDiConsulting: The Perfect Channel to Accomplishing Academic Aspirations Abroad

Kavitta Mehtta, Founder Opting for an international platform for academic pursuits deems a promising decision. However, despite its obvious holistic positives and propitious outlooks, a painstaking and cumbersome procedure precedes it all. Aside these concerns, while a majority of student’s give up on dreams due to ignorance of trends abroad and the lack of proper guidance to pursue their ambitions, most others fail to choose the right courses based on their skills and therefore shy away from chasing their aspirations. Recognizing vast amounts of these occurrences while tackling onerous procedures to aid in smooth transitioning of students to their education destinations, the boutique counselling firm 3RDi Consulting (also known as Third Eye Consulting), was established in 2014 as the brain child of its renowned Founder, Kavitta Mehtta.

Bearing over a decade of experience in the field and successfully aiding in the admission of thousands of students over the years, Kavitta has developed an ingenious and distinctive mentoring approach. She avers,“At 3RDiConsulting, we put our students first. What differentiates us from others is the personal touch and care in dealing with every student personally. We ensure a smooth communication channel, where approach ability is one of our key advantages. Their success is all that matters. So, my
experience in the field has taught me how to prepare relevant admission applications and maximize a student’s chance of admission”. Moving beyond mere aptitude tests, profiles and scores to counter even more significant aspects like the student’s ambitions, strengths and passions, 3RDi Consulting stars an ideal student oriented establishment that aims to build nextgeneration world leaders and innovators. “We provide reliable and professional advice and educational products to students in order to empower them to build their career,” she further adds.

Finding the Perfect Match
With the ultimate goal to find the ‘Perfect Match’ for every student, 3RDi Consulting’s unique boutique counseling approach involves a rigorous list of tests(aptitude, psychometric and brain mapping) to understand the personal strengths & weaknesses of the client. Further, an expert analysis of aptitude results combined with informed career counselling aids in discerning education opportunities. Post these, the company engages in an all inclusive process right from selecting the course/country/ university, application process & profile/resume building along with choice of courses to visa assistance and accommodation with ticketing & FOREX assistance. It would only be crucial to note that all of these services are provided based on the finance sensitive aspects (family budget, & cost of study) of each client.

Furthermore, Kavitta’s associations and tie-ups with multiple organizations/companies like Pentagon and others and her first hand experience with students in schools & colleges drive an upper hand in placing 3RDiConsulting on a pedestal in its field. Thus, the company attains a 99.99 percent success rate in getting the best university and visas within the available resources for its clients.

Prospective Layouts & Further Growth
Several years since its inception, the company further seeks to impel penetration by implementing a tech-savvy approach. An exclusive app is underway to boost student experience and convenience, and a YouTube channel is at its horizon that will be an informative platform, rich in content, addressing various concerns (visa regulations, new course offeringsor economic conditions of a particular country). Moreover 3RDiConsulting team is constantly available for connect on all social media platforms to ensure all time availability to students. Apart from these, the company anticipates expansion across suburban areas in Mumbai with a five year goal of launching in tier-II cities, simultaneously strengthening institutional tie-ups with major schools and colleges to further ground itself to become the perfect channel, assisting in accomplishing academic aspirations abroad.