Brainwonders: Grooming your Life towards its Best Version with DMIT Technology

Manish Naidu, Founder & CEO

Manish Naidu

Founder & CEO

What makes Sachin Tendulkar the god of Cricket? Former English all rounder Andrew Flintoff once said, "When you bowl at him (Sachin), you are not just trying to get him out, you are trying to impress him. I want him to walk-off thinking: ‘Flintoff, he's all right isn’t he?'." The respect from an opponent couldn't get any better! Besides Sachin's relentless hard work, something that sports analysts project time and again as a rationale is the identification of his talent at a young age. But in a country where 34 babies are born every minute, hardly any of them gets to have an Ajith Tendulkar or Ramakant Achrekar in their life to identify their talent and groom their life towards its best possible outcome. In truth, that's no more a wild dream. Brainwonders, a leading assessment & counselling network is revolutionizing the concept of identifying the inborn potential of people, right from childhood, using the patented Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) technology in a highly informed way.

It's often not just about the innovation & technology, but the way we leverage it towards the best. Mastering and heavily leveraging DMIT, which combines the two worlds of Biometric and Psychometric tests, Brain wonders not only has set new benchmarks in Education and Career Counselling, but also facilitates growth in the areas of Academic Excellence, Talent Maximization, and Psychosocial well-being of people of almost all age groups. We are talking about an award winning assessment solution that has already won three national awards, and helped this wonder organization to have a massive outreach through 128+ centers (20 direct centers &108 franchises) across the country, not to mention its association with 650 schools PAN India.

Making a Difference through DMIT

The rationale behind Brainwonders' outreach traces back to the difference between conventional and DMIT based career counselling. While the conventional career counselling companies conduct online Psychometric tests in an objective format that completely depends on human inputs (which would often depend on the mental state of the subject person on that particular day of the test), Brainwonders engages DMIT, the mother of all tests, to directly tap into the biometric identity of people regardless of their age and extract genetic intelligence data which is never subject to change. For instance, DMIT could determine the intellectual (right/left brain) dominance of a child right from identifying whether s/he is an analytical or creative person to understanding different learning styles(like reading, audio,and video). Interestingly, to make this whole world of challenges, all they require is a negligible investment for a small portable scanner! No wonder the franchises are spreading like wildfire.

"It all begins with a tiny biometric scanner scanning your fingerprint a ticket to access some of the priceless brain data. We collate the biometric data collected from across our centers, and send it to our partnerlab located in Malaysia. They prepare the DMIT report for each sample, while we schedule DMIT counselling with the concerned individual(s) at the centre," asserts Manish Naidu, Founder & CEO, Brainwonders. The company assures uncompromised data security, as the fingerprint is never connected with a name, ID or Photo while sending it to Malaysia. He adds, "This makes it the most informed way of providing counselling".

The Informed Way of Doing Things

In today's ‘internet century', people, especially children, take a bath in abundant information all day every day. They often alter their life goals & ambitions synchronously while watching anything on screen from Leonardo DiCaprio's arrogance in Wolf of Wall Street to Will Smith’s perseverance in The Pursuit of Happyness, and Robert Downey, Jr.'s tech savvy Iron Man. While parents are left clueless, the conventional career counselors, who bank on Psychometric parameters, could also easily fall for such seasonal interests; but not with DMIT. Having equipped with each individual's biometric based report,the handpicked(highly qualified) psychologists of Brainwonders provide counselling and recommendations without being influenced by the seasonal interests and momentary behavioral patterns. Additionally, they also constantly
track and follow-up with the clients, providing additional assessments and workshop services surrounding the report. This determined approach significantly influences the final outcome.

"The unique all-round report we received on our employees was absolutely what we needed. Not only did it answer our questions, but Brainwonders counselors have also given us the summary profiles and further recommendations to ensure the productivity of employees. We are extremely satisfied with the DMIT, and highly recommend it,"
Arvind Dwivedi, Director
Zenith System Solutions

Of late, the 8th, 9th & 10th standard students of Campion School (Mumbai) and even their parents had a ‘Brainwonder', when Principal Paul Machado wanted to prepare his students prior to their 10th ICSE exams. Paul explains, "Students find it difficult to sit for a long period and write various tests. This is one of the reasons we opted for biometric analysis provided by Brainwonders". It in fact was hardly a surprise that all the students were able to successfully choose their career paths. Indeed, perceiving the impact of development plans, Campion further arranged a counselling session for the student with their parents and guardians. Many of the parents couldn't refrain themselves from stating that the counselling was ‘eye-opening' and helped them to make a difference to their child's career.

Brainwonders engages DMIT, the mother of all tests, to directly tap into the biometric identity of people regardless of their age and extract genetic intelligence data which is never subject to change

An Anecdote that Gets Better with Time

Although the organizational success of the firm begun with its inception in 2011 in Mumbai, the story of Brainwonders takes back to 2005 when Dr. Lin Ruei Bin filed a patent for DMIT in the U.S. The patent was secured in 2008. A couple of years later, Manish, a parent who thinks differently and brainstormed about understanding his two year old daughter's strengths and weaknesses, coincidentally met with Dr. Lin at an exhibition. There began the anecdote of Brainwonders. Started with just one franchise in 2011, the company today savors a healthy global presence and is looking forward to adjoin 70 more centers within the next couple of years across tier-2 & tier-3 cities to cater to the increasing demand for career counselling and professional guidance. "We, as a team of around 200 people, are quite satisfied with the way we contribute to the society. Today, more than 3,800 doctors want us to counsel their children. It's some thing special to cheer about, isn't it?" Manish concludes.

Manish Naidu, Founder & CEO
Manish founded Brainwonders to advance the educational scenario of the country. He has been nationally awarded for revolutionizing the assessment and counselling field with focus on schools & corporate institutions, and heads the largest Educational Consultancy in the country.

Dr. Lin Ruei Bin, Inventor of DMIT:
Dr.Lin is the pioneer of DMIT together with Prof. Chen Yi Mou, from Harvard University. He possesses more than 20 years of experience in researching applications of Dermatoglyphics on Multiple intelligence and life. He has cultivated more than 500 anticipating educational institutions and DMIT organizations in Asia Pacific region, especially across Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

Brainwonders in Spotlight:
•Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT): the mother of all tests that taps into the brain of people and discovers the inborn intelligence
•The U.S. patented DMIT is a unique proposition of Brainwonders, and it sets the company apart from other organizations or individuals in the field of counselling
•Brainwonders has long-standing collaboration with Cambridge International Examination, and Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools, and even with the Human Resource professionals of several firms
•The counselling team consists of 183 highly qualified & experienced Clinical, Counselling, and Career Psychologists
•Present in 108 locations

Awards & Recognition:
Outstanding Contribution to Student Counselling Awards at:
•Indian Education Awards (2012)
•4th Indian School Merit Awards (2016)
•Maharashtra Education Summit (2017)
•5th National Education Summit (2017)
•North Indian Schools Conference (2018)

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment:2011
Offices: Preliminary Phase:
•Mumbai(Headquarter), Kolkata & MalaysiaPhase-1 (Completed):
•Jammu & Kashmir (Srinagar)
•Uttar Pradesh(Meerut, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi & Ghaziabad)
•New Delhi/ NCR (East, West, North, South & Central Delhi)
•Rajasthan (Jaipur)
•Gujarat (Ahmedabad & Surat)
•Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)
•Bihar (Patna)
•Jharkhand (Ranchi)
•Odisha (Bhubaneswar & Cuttack)
•Maharashtra (Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, & Kolhapur)
•Karnataka (Mysore)
•Kerala (Alleppey)
•Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Trichy, & Madurai)

Phase-2 & 3: 70 new centers by the end of the year
●U.S. Patented DMIT
●Personality Test
●Multiple Intelligence Test
●Aptitude Test
●Intelligence Quotient Test
●Interest Test
●School-Connect Programmes
●Corporate Assessment and Trainings
●Child Parent Workshops