Fostering Educational Empowerment through Innovation and Accountability

Dr. S. P. Mathur, served with distinction as a Director-Management Studies, ITM Bhilwara, Principal S C M Ma- nagement College Bhilwara and Professor Management Studies Sangam University Bhilwara previously. He has been having an experience of teaching in graduate & post graduate classes for more than 39 years.

In conversation with Charulatha, Correspondent from Siliconindia Magazine, S.P. Mathur expresses his thoughts on utilizing group dynamics to cultivate a sense of inclusivity and unity among students, espe- cially in educational environments characterized by diversity.

Role does innovation play in improving educational outcomes and how it can be leveraged for the benefits of students and education.

The ideology of innovation is the essence of change management. It incorporates novel ideas, creative thoughts, knowledge, skills & intelligences. Here, there is need to make intensive & in-depth analysis of innovation and to adopt the strategically aspects in our educational platform. Basically, we should adopt & consider new & potential opportunities at the time of determining syllabus & teaching plans. It is must require to make a transforming process right from input to output to find target results from the head of institution, line staff, teaching staff and through students exams results. There is a need to make positive, optimistic, energetic attitude in every person. Educational units, more emphasis on leveraging of individual cognitive & human behavior at the platform of practical classrooms. They try to identify new, innovative & tentative opportunities to decide the teaching plan and also make concurrent framework of home assignment to inspire the opinion of students.

Educational units, more emphasis on leveraging of individual cognitive & human behavior at the platform of practical classrooms

Group dynamics to foster a sense of belonging and community among students, particularly in diverse educational setting.

Group dynamics is a social process by which people interact & behave in a group environment. Indian educational system is based on the concepts on idealism, group cohesiveness and team cognition. In these areas all the students should encourage adopting supportive attitude, fair & justified behaviour, team spirit, innovative attitudes and precise concentration in their particular profile. Redesigning the practical approach in teaching plan, easy grievance redressal process and students participation can lead to the Group dynamic goal achievement. Entertaining teaching process by teachers and positive attitude of parents can together bring an overall sense of belonging in students. Within the purview of educational scenario, institutes are supervising the role of head of institution and teaching staff. The key elements of management is to keep a check on attendant & absentees students, atmosphere of class rooms, laboratories, examination room, office, playground, canteen, students rest room, girls room, hostels, cycle & car parking stand as well as students residential area.

Strategies have implemented to ensure sustainable growth and financial stability for an education -related startup

The sustainable growth becomes the signifying part & productive stream in our economy. The educational platform can provide some grass root strategies with some line of actions. The main strategically key points can be summarised as below:–

1) It is an utmost need to determine the inter disciplinary approaches within different subjects & course material; consequently it contributes multifarious intelligences, in-depth knowledge, dynamic quality of literature and different skills among students.

2) There is need to organise seminars, debates, group discussions and exhibitions for proper display of knowledge gained. Ecotourism, field survey and scientific discoveries should be involved in education system.

3) Funds allocation and Budgeting techniques should be followed and applied in order to chase the desirable growth and sustainability. Proper allocation and distribution of capital must be done in different streams of teaching fields such as for Environmental studies, Energy Conservation, Waste management and recycling of biotic and abiotic elements.

4) It is a prompt necessity by an entrepreneur to formulate business plan, project report, budgetary control tools, working capital portfolio, cost estimation & management, profitable investment report, customisation and short & long term profitability document in order to enjoy sustainability and growth in Education based Start-up.

"The concept of social accountability is based on humanity, spiritualties, devotion and responsibility towards the society in which we grow"

Aspiring professionals define social accountability and why is it important for educational institutions and start-ups.

The concept of social accountability is based on humanity, spiritualties, devotion and responsibility towards the society in which we grow. Somehow the applicable parameters of social accountabilities are based on mutual trust & existing rights and duties of citizens. Here the role of educational institutions provides a dignified contribution towards social accountabilities within their teaching process & plans. Social accountability becomes an important and integral view point in order to maintain the integrity and ethical code of conduct of any business. As an educationist it becomes a moral duty and responsibility to act as a capable citizen and a change maker also it becomes important to utilize the naturally available resources in a rational way. Both urban and rural resources must be mutually combined and nurtured. The rural development can be persuaded by indulging NGOs and involving students in these activities.

Stay updated on latest educational technology trends, and how have experts incorporated innovative solutions into educational offerings

The educational technology trends show the pertinence of teacher in teaching method outcomes. In this context, the great philosopher Swami Vivekananda recognise that the concept of Vedantic education should be followed and on the same ground Shri Aurobindo, a renewed scholar advocates that SADHNA , with good instinct must be applied in any education system . Apparently, in present scenario when the pandemic has changed the view point of every educationist along with the above preachings, it has become the need of the moment to get technologically update and start exploring the new and advance means and modes of educational tools. This can include various online classroom platforms, virtual interactions, online apps, video recording etc. Educationist can involve various interactive tools and student engaging activities. In this context the AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered learning system can also be offered for quality education .In order to provide the excellence in education it becomes necessary to take care about mental health and wellness. For this, the positive mind set with mental peace can be achieved by adopting Meditation and Yoga in daily lifestyle.